10 Step Couponing

Welcome to 10 Step Couponing! I am the founder and creator of the 10 Step Couponing Course. The course is meant for private use and instruction. I do not charge for the material or even permission, but I would greatly appreciate a linkback or credit to

Thank you and feel free to contact me for any questions! Happy Couponing!

Step 1: Coupon Myths

Step 2: Stockpile

Step 3: Types of Coupons

Step 4: Where to Find Coupons

Step 5: How to Organize Coupons

Step 6: Coupon Strategies

Step 7: Coupon Lingo

Step 8: How to Play the Drugstore Game

Step 9: Bonus Coupon Strategies

Step 10: Coupon Ethics



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