Kindle Special Offers Pays For Itself

I love books. If you are a bookworm, bookie, reader, you know who you are! When I was a kid, during family parties I would find a room to hibernate in so I could read a book. It was no surprise to anyone when I majored in English Literature at UCLA. I love reading, and all that it entails. The crackling of the pages, the bookmarking, and the accomplishment of finishing a well written, thought provoking piece of work.

When Amazon first came out with the Kindle I was dead set against liking anything that took away from the emotional experience of flipping through a book. I could not understand how it would ever replace my love of “book holding.” However, the only thing I love more then reading books, is getting a fabulous deal…I am The Frugalette after all!

Enter the greatest product known to a frugal book reader: Kindle with Special Offers & Sponsored Screensavers! If you are on the fence about purchasing an e-Reader and want to find a way to get one for FREE ,no giveaway needed, this Kindle is for you!

First off, Amazon sells this Kindle for about $114, cheaper then any other Kindle on the market. Why? When the Kindle is in sleep mode, instead of screensavers filled with flowers and pictures of dead authors (who wants to see that anyways?!), Amazon sells that ad space to advertisers and they offer unique promotional codes only available to owners of this type of Kindle.

The ad space is only seen in sleep mode or at the bottom of the menu page, that’s it. It is not placed inside your book at all.

So how will the ads pay for your Kindle? Every Tuesday Amazon releases new promotional codes only to Kindle users who own this specific version, and those codes are worth lots of money, sometimes hundreds of dollars in savings!

About a month ago they released a code for 20% off ANY laptop at Amazon. Amazon sells MAC computers. MAC computers never go on sale and usually cost around $1000. Do the math people!

$1000 MAC Book

-20% KSO promo code


Even if you bought the Kindle just to buy your MAC, that $200 savings-$114 Kindle= $86 savings! So not only did the Kindle pay for itself, you still got an $86 savings…and that’s just ONE example.

Last week’s promo code was for 50% off groceries at Amazon! What’s better then cheap groceries? Cheap groceries shipped for free to your door!

The week before that was $15 off $30 school supplies…do I need to go on?

If you’ve read this far, you know you want one. Come back and tell me what you’re reading.


  1. Don't forget about the Nook! Go to your local Barnes and Noble and check it out. We don't have ads, but you can check out books from the public library for free. :)

  2. Ok, how about Nook for magazines, Kindle for books? hehe


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