How to Shop Macy’s One Day Sale in 5 Steps

macy one day only sale
It’s here…AGAIN! About every 3 months we start seeing our TVs flashed with commercials of Macy’s One Day Only Sale! The urgency, the excitement, the allure..what is only happening on this magical ONE day?!
I am here to walk you step by step and help you make the most of it, because it’s not all hype! There are some great deals to be had, if you know what to look for.


Step #1 Get there at ¬†opening time! Macy’s usually opens their doors early for the One Day Sales. I took this picture of an almost full parking lot just one hour after it opened at the last One Day Sale.
Macy’s also has early preview days. Preview days are great if you have your eye on a hot item, i.e. winter coat, toaster, and want to make sure you get it. If it’s going to be on sale the next day you can purchase it at the sale price one day ahead ,however, you can’t take it home until the next day! The salesperson will hold it in the back for you, and you can come back and pick it up when the sale officially starts. This is a great way to get what you want at the sale price, without the rush of people the next day!


Step #2 Take advantage of Macy’s¬†Early Bird Specials. Besides the one day sales, Macy’s rewards it’s early customers with even more discount on select items. This rack of clothing was on sale for one day at 50% off, but if you bought it before 12 p.m. you would get an additional 20% on top of it! Another reason to get there early!


Step #3 Hit the clearance racks first! Everything on this rack was an additional 40% off the clearance price, that comes to a total savings of 70% off! Macy’s has price checkers throughout the store, so make sure to check the final price.


Step #4 Use printable coupon for additional savings. Macy’s almost always (I’ve never seen a One Day Sale without a coupon) releases a printable coupon that can be used on top of the sale price. The exclusions are listed on the bottom of the coupon.


Step #5 Everyday Values (EDV), Macy’s line is always excluded from the printable coupon. You will not be able to use the coupon on their EDV line. If you’re not sure if a piece is part of the EDV line, check the price tag. All Everyday Values end with .98!
Bottom line: Get there early, hit the clearance rack, and remember to use their coupon for maximum savings!
Today is preview day at Macy’s, guess where I’m headed! ;)


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  1. I love it when the big department stores get ready to get rid of stuff…they practically give it away!! Thanks for all the great tips!!

  2. as a long-time Macy's lover (and shopper), i love the article – some tips that i didn't even know about!!

  3. Great tips! I am not sure I am brave enough to go though!

  4. I always spend too much money at these one-day sales, but I love them! I definitely hit the clearance racks first. I usually get some super cute shirts for around 4 dollars!

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  6. Woww.. Thanks Isra for the info and coupon….

  7. Thank you for this Macy's tip! Just love it!

    • You can actually ask for a "pre-sale" price for up to 2 weeks before the sale! My mom asked for a pre-sale on a pair of Coach shoes that were already on sale, they gave her 40% off, and held it in the stock room until the sale started 2 weeks later. Best part of doing it this way there's stock and all sizes are available.

  8. I never seem to find what I need at Macy’s. I will have to follow some of these tips.

  9. I never knew you could pre-sale it. Neat! I love Macy’s!They have really nice stuff and pretty awesome sales!

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