What? No Coupons! How to Save on Meat

It’s a Frugalette’s nightmare, buying something without a coupon *gasp*! As much as I hate to admit it, not everything comes with a coupon, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t find a great deal on it! What do you do in a situation where you need or really want a product and:

  1. You don’t have a coupon for it or
  2. You don’t want to coupon or
  3.  The item is not on sale!
Everywhere you look these days are recipes for luxurious meat dishes. Pot roast this and leg of lamb that. Who doesn’t want to make it? Trying to convince us to make the recipe is not the issue. It’s finding a good price on meat that usually prevents us from making it. Here are some easy tips for saving money on meat.

Think outside steak! Everyone buys steak. It is the most commonly consumed meat, albeit expensive. Buying them on a regular basis can and will get very expensive. Try other cuts of meat; brisket, chuck roast. They are tougher and not as tender, but simmer on low for an hour or throw it in a slow cooker and they will fall apart with deliciousness! Check out my post on how I tenderize cheap meat.



Look for Manager’s Special or Quick Sale. It’s called by many names but it all means the same thing to meat! I’ve found filet mignon on special, it does happen! The next time you shop at the grocery store check the ‘Sell By’ date on the package and come back close to that date. That’s when they will reduce the price to sell quickly. Just make sure to cook it that night or freeze it immediately to eat later. Where I live, the meats usually go on sale later in the sale week and in the evening around 5-6 pm.



Use Fillers! Fillers get a bad rap, but in this instance it gets The Frugalette seal of approval. You can stretch 1 lb. of ground meat into 2-3 lbs. by using fillers and no one will taste the difference! Before cooking add bread crumbs, oats or cooked beans. Just be sure to add a little water, milk or egg so the mix doesn’t get too dry. During cooking add some tofu! Look for tofu in your local health food or ethnic store for reduced prices. It has the amazing ability to take on the exact flavor and texture of whatever it’s being cooked in. Ever heard of tofurkey?!



Buy in bulk. Big warehouse stores like Costco or Sam’s Club sell big packs of meat usually in 5-6 lb. packages.  Even if you buy nothing else at a warehouse club except meat, your membership will be paid back from the savings you get! Meat at a warehouse club sells for at least half the price what you would pay for it in a big chain grocery store. Invest in an appliance like a FoodSaver, and package the meat yourself in smaller portions.



Buy online! There are some great deals at online stores like Amazon and Omaha Steaks. I wrote a post here about my online meat shopping. Right now on Amazon they are having a 50% off all gourmet food sale and with free shipping, what’s better than groceries delivered to your door! Skip the fancy gift baskets and check out the deals on steak.




Saving on your meat purchases takes some creativity, but it can be done! Do you use any of these techniques?



  1. Thank you for these great ideas! I am always trying to come up with cheap ways to get my meat.

  2. I think i'm going to try Omaha steaks. Have you tried them? I always wondered how they were.

    Frantastically yours,


  3. I like to buy in bulk then split it up for the freezer. Good tips!

  4. I live in the Atlanta area and I like to shop the local Kroger on Tuesday. That is when they have the most "manager specials".

  5. Great tips! Our family loves meat (not good, I know) and my mom buys in bulk.

  6. I love meat, beef and pork, but can seldom afford it on a very limited income. Your suggestions to save money help, and I have bought meat on "clearance". There was nothing wrong with it.

  7. Dear Frugalette:

    I didn't know where else to tell you this, but I cannot read your articles! The "share bar" for facebook/twitter/etc. is in the way on the left hand side and it blocks the text. :(

    • Oh no ,thanks for telling me. can you tell me what browser you are using? Thanks!

      ETA: I removed it for now, was just testing out new software, it seems fine in chrome and firefox? :(


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