10 Step Couponing: Step 4: Where to Find Coupons

Now that you know what types there are; where do you get your hands on manufacturer coupons? There are NINE  fabulous places to look! After this step you will become the ultimate coupon hunter!

  • Four main inserts you may find: Proctor & Gamble (P&G), redplum, SmartSource, General Mills (GM).
  • The Sunday newspaper is one of the main and largest source of coupons.
  • Insert coupons are always regional. Coupon type and amount varies according to city and newspaper.
  • Type and number of inserts varies every week and sometimes there isn’t one, so check before you buy!
  • They sometimes have blinking red lights in front of them, hence, “blinkies.”
  • Dispensers are found in stores, in front of the product themselves.
  • Looks like a notepad that you tear from, hence, “tearpads.”
  • Found in stores, usually in front of the product themselves.


  • Internet coupons can only be printed two times per computer.
  • manufacturer sites
  • facebook


  • Coupons found on the packages themselves, you have to “peel” it off, hence peelie!
  • They can sometimes be store coupons, so be sure to read it carefully!
  • In-store product displays may have little booklets attached to them, check inside for coupons!
  • A separate machine next to the cash register that prints coupons after you checkout.
  • Sometimes these coupons are like cash and can be used to purchase anything in the store.
  • Given to you by the cashier with your receipt.


  • Paid services that provide coupons in large quantities.
  • If you need extra coupons try looking on eBay or other coupon clipping services. I like CouponDeDe.
  • All You is sold exclusively in Walmart or by subscription only
  • It’s a monthly magazine that carries many high value coupons not found elsewhere.
  • While you’re at it, check all your magazines for more coupons!

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Now go hunting! :)


  1. Wow – I would have never thought of some of these – thanks!

  2. Thanks for the breakdown! Very helpful.

  3. I really enjoy the blog post.Thanks Again. Awesome.

  4. love all the tips

  5. The new technology of Mobiles, Internet, QR Codes, FourSquare, LBS may change the whole coupon delivery altogether

    • I totally agree! It would be nice to just carry our phone with all coupons on them and as soon as they expire they automatically get deleted!

  6. here's the answer to the question that gets asked all the time!

  7. Thanks for the great info. I rarely see tear pads or blinkies in the stores anymore. I have purchased coupons on eBay. And that worked great.

  8. Thank you for the helpful post i needed it as i am a beginner couponer =}

  9. great tips. im new at this and your website has helped me out so much. thanks

  10. Hi, I just started my couponing quest this weekend…thanks for your feedback! My question is, with “Peelies”. I know ppl that will take multiple peelies from product and then wait for a bigger sale to use them. Is that OK to do? For some reason I’d feel like that was stealing in a sense….just wondering your thoughts.

    • Hi Marquittia! Personally, I think the peelies are meant to be bought with the product it’s attached to. If it were a tear pad next to the product, that would be different, but I like to leave the peelies as is and wait to use them. The deals always come up over and over again. :)

  11. I need to stay back collecting coupons. I used to collect them and I stopped because the items that I used were few and far between.


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