My Coupon Tab: One Coupon Worth $13.99! 1/10-1/22

…and another worth $12.99! Yes, coupons in high amounts do exist. The coupon for $13.99 was from being a part of the Coffee Mate Brew Crew, which I previously wrote about.  So, while I didn’t do a quantity of shopping, I had some good coupons the past couple weeks.

My New Year’s resolution this year was to use more coupons and track my savings. To help keep me motivated and hopefully help you, I am keeping a running total of all coupons I used on my right sidebar. I don’t have any strict guidelines for what I’m tracking, but there are some boundaries I’m trying to keep within!

So what am I tracking?

  • All food, including eating out. If I used a coupon, it will be counted.
  • All toilteries. That includes diapers, lotions and potions!
  • All drugstore cash back and Catalina coupons.
I know some people don’t account for the cash back from drugstores like CVS extra care bucks or Rite Aid +UPs, but for this I am counting it. The way I look at it, if it’s not coming out of my pocket, it’s a coupon. Also, if I can’t use it ‘like cash’ everywhere but the store it came from, it’s a coupon.
I’m sure more questions and scenarios will come up, as they often do, but for now, that’s what the total includes. I will post updates of what coupons I’m using. It might be monthly, weekly or more, depending on how large the total increases that week!


Rite Aid $10 +UPs


Upper Crust Pizza $10 (eversave)

McDonald’s $4.68 (livingsocial)


(1) $1 Huggies

(1) $1.29 Shaw’s Pasta Catalina

(1) $2.99 Coffee-Mate

(1) $2.79 Juicy Juice

(1) $12.99 Gorton’s Seafood

(1) $13.99 Stouffer’s family size

(3) $3 K-Y

(1) Buy 1 Get 1 Free ($4.49) Stayfree

(2) $1 O.B.


Having 115 fish sticks for FREE…priceless. :)

Are you tracking your savings? I’d love to hear!



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  3. I have not been tracking my savings with coupons but I have thought about doing that many times because I am sure it would be a huge number, i just haven't done it cause don't have the time.

  4. Thanks – This is a great motivator!

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