Best Things to Buy in February

Trying to get a deal on a big ticket item is easier if you are patient and strategic. Every month is a better month than others for buying certain items. Being frugal translates to ‘shop smart.’ Waiting to buy when the time is right is definitely smart shopping! The following are the top five deals to look for in FEBRUARY.

Chocolate, stuffed animals, and all things Valentine’s Day..but not yet! Wait 24 hours after February 14th and keep your eye on your favorite drug and grocery stores for deep discounts on all things red. Last year I scored two huge 16″ teddy bears at Rite Aid for $.99 each! One week after Valentine’s Day the whole section went to 90% off.

Winter? What winter? This has been one mild season in Boston. I grew up in sunny Southern California, so when I say mild winter, I mean it! Mild winters across the U.S. have left department stores with an overstock of winter coats. I have been eyeing this North Face parka for 3 years, but getting out of debt doesn’t afford expensive jackets! The waiting paid off! I finally scored my dream jacket at a whopping 40% off. North Face is famous for never going on sale, but it did happen this winter. I was able to pick up North Face jackets for all 3 kids too at 40% off. I bought them one size up to use next winter.

Ski resorts are noticeably empty. Mild winter means no snow and low crowds. It’ a great time to score a deal at ski resorts in Colorado and Utah. There’s a lot more to do than just skiing at the resorts. With a low tourist turn-out, it’s good news for vacation deal hunters.

Now that the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has passed, retailers want last year’s HDTV’s out to make room for the new. The bigger the better! If you are in the market for a 55″ or bigger HDTV start watching the sales ads carefully! And really, who isn’t in the market for a new T.V. ? ;)

Tech blogs are buzzing about the soon-to-be-released iPad3. It’s expected to hit stores end of February. If the rumors turn true expect big deals on iPad2. Resellers, like Best Buy and refurbished iPads from MAC, will get hit with immediate markdowns. Will this be the year I finally get my hands on one of these bad boys…we shall see! :)

What deals are you looking to score? Anything I missed?

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  1. Chocolate is the best thing to buy in February for sure. One of my favorite days to shop is February 15th because I love all the clearance. ;)

    Happy Weekend!

  2. Love buying discounted chocolate after Holidays!!

  3. I love shopping after every holiday. If it keeps, then I am covered for a last minute quick gift too!

  4. yes love the sales on winter goods this year with the bad weather

  5. Great sales

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