$5 for $37 Worth of Products at Rite Aid 3/4-3/10

Time to go shopping at the drugstores! Why do I love the drugstores so much? Three reasons!

  1. They have cash back programs.
  2. They carry a little bit of everything, even milk, eggs and pantry items!
  3. You can stack store coupons with manufacturer coupons for HUGE savings and sometimes (a lot of times)  make some money!

Every week I pick the one drugstore I think has the best deals that week. My goal is to not spend more than $5.99 out of pocket and see how far my five bucks takes me! All the deals I post are best case scenario. Some deals are regional, all coupons are regional, so always check your ad and do a price check first! It’s an easy way to see how far we can s-t-r-e-t-c-h our hard-earned money! I check all the ads and pick the store I think has the easiest and best deal that week.

If you’re new to couponing check out my 10 Step Couponing Course.

Points to remember about shopping at Rite Aid:

  • Remember to use your store loyalty card.
  • Their cash back program is called +UPs, they print at the bottom of your receipt, and can be used to buy anything in the store, except prescriptions. (they DO expire, so check the expiration date!)
  • Rite Aid coupons and manufacturer coupons can be used on one item.
  • Sign up HERE for their Single Check Rebate Program.
  • Watch Rite Aid Video Values HERE for special coupons to print after.
What do I LOVE about Rite Aid? Every time you use your loyalty card you earn points.
  • After you purchase $500 worth of products (calculated BEFORE manufacturer coupons) your card will get you an automatic 10% off all regularly priced merchandise.
  • After you purchase $1000 worth of products (calculated BEFORE manufacturer coupons) your card will get you an automatic 20% off ALL regularly priced merchandise!
The prices I use below are for Gold Members, my scenarios are created with the best case, assuming you have all the right coupons and the best discount.

Transaction #1:
1 Playtex Sippy $5.04
Use $2 off 1 from HERE
Use $4 off 1 from in-ad flyer coupon

1 Sally Hansen Beauty Tool $4.29
Use $2 off $4 from All You March
Use $3 off 1 from in-ad flyer

1 GE CFL Lightbulb $1.59
Use $2 off 1 from in-ad flyer

2 Softlips $3.19
Use (2) $3 off 1 in-ad coupons
=$.38, get back $3 +UP (monthly deal that ends 3/6)

1 Aquanet Hairspray $2.39
Use $2 off 1 from in-ad flyer

1 Prestige Eyeliner $3.16
Use $3 off 1 from in-ad flyer

2 Neosporin Essentials $7.19
Use (2) $2 off 1 from Feb. Video Values
(2) $3 off 1 from SS 1/22
=$4.38, get back $5
=$5.31, get back $8 +UP

Bottom Line: $5.31 out of pocket, $37.23 worth of products, and $8 +UP to use next time. I love this easy peasy transaction! Happy Shopping! :)

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  1. Thank you for the scenario. I have +upr that I need to spend.

    • Great! I also just updated the post, my math was off, you get back $8+UP instead of $5..even bettter! ;)

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