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  1. I would.. treat *myself* to some new Summer clothing and accessories. Enough with shopping and treating everyone else.. what about ME?! :)


  2. I would buy summer clothes for my child and myself.

  3. I would surprise my husband and give the $100 gift card to him. He needs some new clothing. :)

  4. I would get my son summer clothes.

  5. I would buy some summer clothes for my kids. Love Old Navy clothing.

    Thanks so much.

  6. I would buy summer clothes for my 9 month twins!

  7. I would buy vacation clothes!

  8. i would buy some baby clothes and flip flops for my new baby

  9. I would buy clothes for my daughter who has outgrown every single thing from last year!

  10. I'd buy some Summer clothes for my children.

  11. I'd buy jeans for myself and my kids

  12. i would buy some clothes for my kids

  13. I would buy a White Poplin Dress Shirt among many other things!

  14. I would buy some items for myself and the rest for school clothes for my grandkis

  15. I'd buy a new spring wardrobe ヅ *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  16. I would get some shorts and tops for summer.

  17. If I won, I would buy school clothes for my daughter

  18. In would buy some spring clothes :)

  19. Summer clothes and flip flops!

  20. I would buy clothes for myself and my husband for our upcoming trip to Italy!

  21. I would buy the rockstar skinny jeans.

  22. I'd get summer clothes for kids and myself.

  23. I would love to get some cute tanktop and a summer dress!

  24. I'd buy clothes for my sons, theyre quickly outgrowing the ones they have.

  25. My daughter, who is going off to college soon, needs some new clothes.

  26. some summer clothes

  27. i like the white popplin dress shirt!!!

  28. I'd get spring clothes for myself and my two kids.

  29. I'm starting grad school in the fall so I'd use the gift card to update my wardrobe with more business casual pieces.

  30. I'd buy summer clothes for my 3 kids

  31. I'd get new summer clothes

  32. I just went to Old Navy yesterday and got some great deals! I would love this gift card to buy some summer clothes for my husband!

  33. I would finally be able to buy new clothes for myself and my husband.

  34. I would get some new summer clothes for me and my son I saw a skirt I like fingers crossed

  35. I'd buy some of the fun, colored jeans + shorts that are so popular right now — I love them!

  36. I would buy some clothes for my oldest son, since he needs some new ones after going through his recent growth spurt.

  37. I would get some new tops for myself and some fun summer clothes for the kids. Thanks!

  38. shopping spree for me and the bf!

  39. Baby clothes!

  40. I'll buy kids clothes.

  41. Summer clothes for my kids!! thanks!

  42. I just looked around the site to see what I might buy and I literally have 10+ tabs open from old navy right now! I think I'd probably buy some swimwear, a cardigan, and a top…. or a dress. Gosh! I can't choose!

  43. summer clothes for the family.

  44. I'd love the Women's Chiffon Tie-Front Maxi Dress in the color – Anjou Pear

  45. I would get myself something nice for the lovely weather we're having!

  46. I would buy clothes for my 3 boys :)

    Thank you!

  47. lots of clothes for the beach

  48. I would buy some new jeans!

  49. underwear and new tshirts!

  50. I'd buy dark wash jeans for me ;0)


  51. I could really use some new shorts for the warmer weather!!

  52. I would get some maternity clothes!

  53. I am in dire need of summer clothes. And winter clothes. Spring clothes. Any clothes. I could do a lot with a $100 gift card to Old Navy.

  54. I would buy my son's birthday presents/party supplies with it.

  55. My sons need new summer clothes and I need a new swim suit!!

  56. My daughter some new summer clothes!

  57. I would get some summer basics like tees and shorts for my girls. thank you!

  58. I would buy clothes for my kids!

  59. Hello, my son needs some new clothes. I would give him the GC, he's so picky. If I found he didn't use it, I would get myself some new summer tops. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  60. i'd buy a bunch of 6-9 month clothes for my big baby!

    sarah at

  61. Money is tight right now and my daughter is growing out of all her clothes so I would buy her new clothes. :)

    Thank you for the great giveaway!

  62. I would some new shorts and tank tops.

  63. I'd get the Men's Patterned Poplin Sleep Pants.

  64. I would buy my son some school clothes.

  65. Everyone in the house could use some new "essentials." I would wait till Old Navy has their military appreciation day so that I could maximize my purchasing power.

  66. I would buy some much needed summer clothes for my kids!!

  67. Baby clotes for my expecting twins sister

  68. Some cute dresses!

  69. My yongest daughter,16, is loosing weight and needs clothes that fit her new body

  70. I would buy new Spring outfits for my grandchildren

  71. i would buy some baby dresses! thanks for an amazing giveaway!

  72. I'd buy jeans and tees for the grand kids!

    Thank you.

  73. I would buy new clothes and accessories.

  74. I would buy t shirts and shorts for my 2 kids.

  75. I would buy much needed clothes!!!

  76. I would buy some comfortable workout clothes and summer clothes for my kids :)

  77. spring clothes for 14 month old boy

  78. Jeans! :)

  79. summer clothes for kids and some gym clothes

  80. I would buy my son some new polo shirts and shorts.

  81. Since my 17 y.o. son continues to grow taller (ack), I imagine I'd have him get new jeans!

  82. i'd buy my 5 you some much needed clothes, especially pants

  83. I'd buy vacation clothes.

  84. my daughter needs shorts!!!

  85. I would get some dresses for myself!

  86. i saw an awesome sweater I would love to get!

    sherwalk at yahoo dot com

  87. I'd probably get accessories and maybe a shirt or two. Most of their stuff doesn't fit me well as I'm tall with a long torso and long leggs.

  88. need some shorts for the upcoming nice weather

  89. I would buy some new sundresses, get my daughter some fun rompers, and get my husband some new shorts.

  90. I would buy jeans a couple of summer tops.

  91. I would get some summer clothes for my son.

  92. If lucky enough to win, I would buy shorts and summer dresses! Thank you for the chance to win this VERY generous giveaway! :)

  93. I'd get the Chiffon Tassel Blouse in Goodnight Nora – I've been eyeing it for ages!

  94. I would use the gift card for some new summer staples!! I love Old Navy flip flops and cami's and my daugter need some new shorts. Thanks for holding such a great giveaway!

  95. I would surprise my wife with it.

  96. I would buy swim wear for my family.

  97. I would buy spring and summer clothes for my daughter

  98. I would buy some short sleeve button up shirts for summer time.

  99. I would get my kids some summer clothing!

  100. I would probably buy some Spring tops.

  101. I need to get myself some new clothes for spring

  102. I really need some spring tops, so I would buy some of those and an outfit for my niece.

  103. I would get my grandson some summer clothes. He is outgrowing everything- again! ;-)

  104. I'd get some summer outfits and dresses :-)

  105. I would probably give it to my granddaughter as a birthday gift.

  106. I would give it to my fiance to use

  107. Comment

  108. 'd buy myself new clothes, I could really use some!

  109. I would buy my daughter some summer clothes.

  110. The last time I was at Old Navy I saw some great looking cotton pajamas and jeans I really want. :-) Thank you.

  111. I'd give it to my husband for his birthday. He said that he needs new shirts.

  112. I'd get a few summer skirts

  113. I would get something! I haven't had any new clothes for over 2 years now.

  114. I would buy the kids some summer clothes!

    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  115. Summer clothes for myself and family and flip flops! :)

    Thank You!

  116. if I won id buy the new T-Shirts & shorts to match

  117. I would use it toward new spring/summer clothes for my children if I won!

  118. I'd get some new shirts for the warmer weather

  119. Clothing for my family.

  120. I'd buy my husband some clothes, he really need pants that fit him.

    michedt at yahoo dot com

  121. I would purchase some new tops.

  122. I would update my spring wardrobe.

  123. I'd get some summer shirts and dresses!

  124. Thanks for the giveaway…we would pick up summer clothes for our daughters.

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  125. Need some summer clothes.

    Thanks for the contest.

  126. I would buy clothes for my new baby-to-be!

    yeloechikee at hotmail dot com

  127. I would buy myself some things for a change. I had my little boy in December and I could use some new clothes! Besides maternity I haven't bought myself clothes in over a year!

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