Little Known Ways to Make Money Shopping


 Profit: $60. Yes. SIXTY DOLLARS.

My milk, eggs and other pantry essentials are paid off this month because of buying vitamins! Did I need 20 bottles of vitamins? No. Do I need an extra $60 to pay for groceries..YES! A resounding Y-E-S!

This week at Rite Aid there is a deal if you buy $30 worth of Nature Made vitamins, you get $15 +UP back.

  • I used $2 manufacturer coupons.
  • I used $24 in Rite Aid QR Code coupons.
  • 2 cards per household, did the deal twice per card.
  • Paid around $.06-$.75 per transaction.
  • 4 transactions, 4 different stores.

*QR Code Coupons are regional, so YMMV!*

If you are set to make money buying a product you don’t it, donate it and pocket the rest! I will be keeping the vitamins though. I picked ones I know my family uses.


Sample Deal:
5 Folic Acid $6.79/each
Used $10 off 1 QR coupon
Used $5 off 1 QR coupon
Used (3) $3 off 1 QR coupons
Used (5) $2 off 1 Nature Made manufacturer coupons
=$0, got back $15 +UP


I will use the money to buy: milk, eggs, diapers etc. Buy this, get that!


My Coupon Savings Tab 2012


Since January 1, 2012, I’ve been keeping a running tab on all the coupons I’ve used. To see all the past coupon total posts click the icon in my sidebar. I am not an extreme couponer by any means and hope to motivate you to clip those coupons…they do add up!


In three months my total amount of coupons went over $1,000 already!


Here’s how I did the past couple weeks:


3 FREE Bakery items ($5.37)
1 Living Social Big Mac $3.59
1 $10 Super Cash

$5 Catalina
$1 Shaw’s tuna
FREE Shaw’s reusable bag ($.99)

$5 Catalina

$3 ECB

$35 +UPs
$2 Video Values
$8 L’oreal Weekly in-ad coupons
$99 QR Load2Card
FREE Kraft Fresh Take from Kraft First Taste ($2.99)
(8) $.75 off 1 (doubled) Kraft Milk Bites from HERE
(3) $1.50 off 1 Reynold’s aluminum foil
FREE Stonyfield Organic Squeezers ($4.49) from MomsMeet Program
Saving Star $1 off 2 Ice Cream from HERE
FREE Gorton’s Fisherman ($6.99) *I am giving away 6 of them later this week!*
$.75 off 1 International Delight Iced Coffee Catalina
(2) $2 off 1 Kashi from Recyclebank
2 FREE Kashi TLC Bars (peelie on box) when you buy 2 boxes of cereal ($6)
2 FREE Kashi Cereal boxes (peelie on box) when you buy 2 TLC Bars ($6)
(16) $2 off 1 Nature Made coupons from HERE
(5) $2 off 1 L’oreal (tearpad next to product)
(2) $1 off 2 Ziploc bags
(1) $2 off 1 Samy Fat Hair from HERE
Total saved from coupons: $272.67
Current tab since 1/1/12: $1300.60
I love this game! :)


  1. Thanks for all the info! Who knew you could make money and save like that!

  2. What's the QR coupons?

  3. Awesome! You did great. I'll definitely have to try this out if my Rite-Aid is the same.

  4. Thanks for the insight! I normally pass on coupons for products I don't need, but it's a great idea to take advantage when additional rewards are offered. Thanks!

    • It's the secret of getting paid to shop! Buy what gives you cash back to get what you really need, especially for things that don't normally have coupons.

  5. Wow, I think I need to read this a few times to make sure I get it right! lol, I need to do this! Thank you for sharing.

  6. I <3 Rite Aid! I always spend my UPs on things that I would like or need but can't afford. Some weeks they don't have great deal but other weeks I can get almost $20 in UP rewards!

  7. Wow! I had no clue something like this could be done. I love coupons and saving but this made me want to go right to Rite Aid…I could totally have used some vitamins too!

  8. I had no idea about all of this. Thank you so much for sharing!

  9. Great job!!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. You bought five FOLIC ACID, but the QR coupons are NOT for FOLIC ACID! Wouldn't that be considered COUPON FRAUD?!? Using a coupon on the WRONG ITEM?!?!

    • You're right, the QRs were not for folic. The RAs I went to were out of stock of the vitamins I had listed in my previous scenario. My RA managers know me very well, as I shop there almost every week for the past 3 years. On the second to last day of the sale, they still hadn't gotten any of them in stock and offered me a substitution. They were well aware of the Nature Made QR coupons. I decided on folic and they were fine with it. As with any scenario, a lot is YMMV. That's why this category is titled "My Coupon Savings," I don't expect everyone's experiences to be the same.

      I appreciate your comments though, thank you! :) If you're interested in doing RA scenarios for me, I'd love help with it! Feel free to contact me!

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