Now You Know How Many Papers I Buy!


That’s the answer. Not more, sometimes less. In the 4 years I’ve been couponing, I haven’t found a reason to buy more, even though our family went from 3 to 5 members in those 4 years.

The TLC Extreme Couponing show made you believe:

  1. You must dumpster dive to get coupons.
  2. Go door to door bothering your neighbors on Sunday morning for their inserts.
  3. Or stealing, sorry, going to every stand that has the FREE Spanish paper (filled with inserts)  and take ALL of them..ALL OF THE TIME.


Just no, it’s not like that and most of us moderate couponers don’t get more then 2 or 3. To do a great deal one time, I’ve found having 4 to be my magic number! Also, with the amount of printable coupons now and in higher value, it’s not as important to buy so many!


Since January 2012 I’ve been keeping track of all the the coupons I’ve been cashing in and have been keeping a running total of the amount in my sidebar, click on the icon for all my past coupon updates!


Here’s what I cashed in the past couple weeks!
1 $10 off $20 (eversave)

2 B1G1 bakery item ($3.58)

$10 Gift Card from Disney Movie Rewards

$7 ECB
$36 +UP
$3 off 2 Huggies RA Load 2 Card


$2 off 2 Rold Gold Chocolate Pretzels (peelie on package)
(5) $1 off 1 Viva paper towel  from HouseParty
(2) $.50 off 2 Kleenex from Houseparty
(2) $2.50 off 1 Pull-Ups from 3/18 SS
(2) $2 off 1 Huggies Slip-Ons from 3/18 SS
(2) $1 off 2 Mars Easter seasonal candy from 3/18 RP
(1) $1 off 3 Hellman’s Mayonnaise 3/25 RP
(1) FREE Gorton’s Fisherman ($12.99) *I will be giving away 6 of them soon!*
(2) $.75 off 1 Skippy Peanut Butter (doubled) from HERE
(4) $.75 off 1 Land O Lakes Butter (doubled) from HERE
(1) $1 off 1 Bailey’s Coffee Creamer from tear pad in front of product
(2) $1 off 1 Velveeta Mac’n Cheese from peelie
(1) $1 off 2 Nutella from tearpad
(1) B3G1 FREE Stovetop stuffing $1.50 from tearpad (my secret meatloaf ingredient!)
(1) $1 off 1 International Delights Iced Coffee from 3/18 SS
(2) FREE Pop Secret Popcorns $5.58 from Disney Movie Rewards
(1) FREE Duncan Hines Yellow Cake Mix $1.79 from affiliate
(2)$1.25 I Cant Believe Its Not Butter from HERE
(1) $1 off 1 Country Crock from April All You Magazine
(2) $.70 off 1 Keebler Club Crackers from HERE
(1) B1G1 FREE ocean Spray Cranberry Juice $2.68 from HERE



CURRENT TAB SINCE 01/01/12: $1027.93


How many Sunday newspapers do you get?


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  1. I rarely buy the paper for coupons, my Mom, MIL and neighbor all save theirs for me!

    I usually cannot use all of the coupons they send me, so I share my good luck and send coupons to friends and readers of my blog.

  2. I get the couponing bug every now and then but I'm definitely NOT good at it. I've bought 3 newspapers before when I knew there were good coupons in them. Our local paper only has Redplum and it seems like I never want or need anything they have to offer.

  3. At one time I was buying 10 Sunday papers each week and sharing the coupons with my daughter and granddaughter. Now I'm down to 2 papers each Sunday. I was cutting way too many coupons and sending them through the mail was costing me more then I felt I wanted to spend.I'm not very good at couponing. :) But I'm happy at saving money when ever I can. I enjoy reading your blog and I'm earning a lot from you.


  4. Our newspaper has really bad coupons, so I rarely buy extras. We get the Sunday paper here at home and I'm happy if there are some Red Plums or something like that, but normally I just use what I print off.

  5. I am like you, I generally buy 4 or less….however, once in a blue moon around the 1st of the month, there might be like 6 mega good inserts. Then (and only then) I might buy 10 papers.

    It has to be worth it, though. Or you really aren't saving, in the end.


    • I agree about the first of the month! Although, P&G coupons have gone down in value it almost makes me not want to buy it anymore.

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