Best Things To Buy In May

Trying to get a deal on a big ticket item is easier if you are patient and strategic. Every month is a better month than others for buying certain items. Being frugal translates to ‘shop smart.’ Waiting to buy when the time is right is definitely smart shopping!


May flowers bring…DEALS!

Top Five Deals In MAY

New models will hit the stores in summer! Now is a great time to snag a deal if you are in the market. Stores want to clear their inventory and will be willing to negotiate, even on clearanced models.

Stores have one thing in mind now..Summer! Swimsuits, shorts and t-shirts. Check Old Navy clearance section for clothing up to 90% off! I already started seeing leftover Easter dresses for $1-$2.

Grilling season is fast approaching and this month you’ll start seeing deals on charcoal, lighters, and grill sets. Get your grill on!

Anyone graduating? This is graduation month! Which means a lot of parties, usually outside. Paper cups, plates and napkins will be discounted to help you party! Good time to stock up for parties all year round.

Can’t have a barbecue without ketchup, mustard and relish! Along with grill supplies, look for deals on condiments. We’ll start to see coupons pop up and great deals to go with them.

What are some deals you’re hoping to score this month?


  1. Great tips! I always try to stock up on condiments, but it never seems to be enough. It's amazing how much we go through over the summer!

  2. How wisely discussion dude. It’s really handy recommendation. May was already gone away. I will follow these advice in next year for sure. Now looking for what and what is the best things for buying in August. Thanks

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