How to Organize Socks: Part 2: Sorting

organize socks

Welcome to Part 2 in my 3 part series to getting the sock monster under control! In Part 1 we tackled the actual socks. Each kid now has only one color and style of sock, so there is no matching needed! Just look and pick.


Socks are the most amazing article of clothing. They hate their lives. They’re in the shoes with stinky feet, the boring drawers. The dryer is their only chance to escape and they all know it. They do escape from the dryer. They plan it the night before. “Tomorrow. The dryer. I’m going. You wait here.” -Jerry Seinfeld



The second part of sock organization is the laundry sorting! Where DO they go? Sometimes I wonder if I should just sit and watch the washing machine  and dryer. Something happens between the time the socks enter the washing machine until the time I take them all out for distributing in their proper place.

In Target I picked up lingerie mesh bags. If you have Amazon credit, check this out! Two Pack of lingerie mesh bags are only $4.64 down from $12.99! That’s cheaper then the ones I found at Target!
How does this work?

  1. Each person gets their own mesh bag for their socks.
  2. Put dirty socks directly into the bag not the main hamper.
  3. Label or dye each bag to easily identify which bag belongs to whom.


I know a lot of my readers are handy with the needle! This would be a super easy project to sew. Maybe each kid gets different fabric, or sew their initial on the outside?


lingerie bags dyed with rit powder




I dyed each one a different color to make it easy for the kids to know which one is theirs. I recommend using RIT powdered dye if you do this, not the liquid one and add 1 cup of vinegar. I tried liquid and the color was washed out and not as vibrant.You can also use something as simple as a fabric marker or clothing labels.


My kids are young so color coordinating makes it easy for them.Even my 20 month old points to the orange and says, “Me! Me!”


mesh bags organize socks


The kids share the same hamper from IKEA. I had some leftover ribbon from another project that I looped (not tied) through. They now drop their socks in their own bag. When laundry is full, just dump it in. Easy to find and no chance of escaping socks!


This is Part 2 of 3 in sock organization on the cheap! Part 3 coming up soon!

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  1. Thanks so much for all of your sock info! We have a large family, and a LARGE sock basket.
    That sock basket is my arch enemy! I hate going near it, and honestly, my family just digs through the basket. These are easy, affordable tips- Bless you!

  2. This is a good idea for families with lots of socks. I hate losing socks in the laundry. But I usually buy llong black socks for one and long white socks for the other , and I know mine are the short ones. Thanks for the idea

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