Here Are Five Tips to Win More Contests


I won $100!

A couple weeks ago I entered a pie recipe to Sandra Lee’s Semi-Homemade Pinterest contest. I’m always up for a challenge and thought it would be fun. Five days later I found out I WON! My recipe won a $100 Sears/Kmart Gift Card!
Cutting spending and saving are one part of the equation. In order to throw more money at our debt and have extra at the end of the month; we also need to make some!

Enter Online Giveaways

Entering online contests is a great way to earn some extra money or win cool gear.I know you’re thinking..come on, it’s ALL sheer luck. I put my name, and *maybe* I’ll get picked. We think the only thing under our control is praying and wishing as hard as possible. Not true! There are easy tips that can help curb the odds in your favor; if only a teeny tiny bit.

Five Quick Tips to Increase Your Odds of Winning!

We are all pressed for time. Instead of trying to enter every contest out there, I follow these guidelines to give me a slight edge!
Ahh, blogs. I have a soft spot for blog giveaways. Hmm, wonder why? ;) So, why enter blog giveaways?

  • Low entries! Blogs are not corporations. We don’t have millions of dollars to promote and market our site. Lower entries equals better odds!
  • Practical. The prizes are items we could really use. For example, I have a giveaway coming up for cereal. Yep, cereal!
  • Easy Entry. Most blogs use a secure form called ‘Rafflecopter’  or leave a simple comment on the blog. No address to fill out, no extra verification.

Here are 5 BLOG giveaways to get you started:

Maximize your entries.

  • If the form says you can enter once a day, go back everyday and enter! The more entries you get, the better your chances of winning.
  • Read the rules. Big sweepstakes often have entry forms on different sites and they all count. If you get one entry on each site, go to every site; chances are most people won’t!
  • If you don’t like to enter everyday, find contests that only allow “one entry per person.” This way all the odds are equal and at least you got your chance!
Here are 5 SWEEPSTAKES  to check out:

If the contest has some unique entry it will deter A LOT of competition. They are harder, because there is skill involved, but really so much more fun!

My first niche contest was entering the All You Grocery Challenge 2011. It was a 4 week challenge to eat and live creatively on a small budget. I won runner-up and got a $200 Whole Foods Gift Card.

Niche involves: recipes, photography, design, crafts, etc…anything that requires you to do more! I HIGHLY recommend them! The number of contestants pool is much smaller and they really are so fun, even if you don’t win. (And I don’t win A LOT!) ;)

If you have a hobby or passion enter the contests that let you explore that and the chance to win something.
Here are 5 NICHE contests to check out:

If the contest is limited to certain locations, i.e. only open to US or excludes NY, CA, your odds just got a lot better!

Watch for local contests and enter them, your only competition are your neighbors, and most of them are not entering anyways!

Here are 5 REGIONAL contests to enter:


You don’t have to be a big tweeter to win some awesome prizes on Twitter! If you don’t have an account, sign up! Twitter parties are hosted by a sponsor, such as Walgreens or Ragu and usually take place for one hour only! In the one hour the sponsor and co-hosts helping to run the party will ask fun questions to get to know everyone.


Throughout the one hour, they will randomly pick tweeters to win a prize! The odds are fabulous because it’s just ONE HOUR and only for those on twitter participating..not ALL twitter! ;) If there is an RSVP, do it! They give prizes even for just an RSVP! Note the hashtags of the events, that’s all you need to know! :)


I won a jar of Ragu pasta sauce once!


Here are 5 TWITTER parties to join!

Have you ever won a contest or sweepstakes? What tip would you add?



  1. Excellent info!! So appreciate the incentive to enter more giveaways :) Although I've started doing giveaways..sometimes I don't feel like I have a chance at winning other giveaways..this was very encouraging! Thank you!


  2. Nice tips for winning contests! May we ask for licence to repost this article to our website?

  3. I just found your site today.. it is awesome. I think I have to go relearn what I thought I knew about couponing..

    It is very much high time.. cause with my very very tight less than any money budget and trying to live as close to vegan life I can money does not go far.. that is why I have also chosen to expand my gardening efforts. so much green food out there waiting to be grown and eaten…



  4. Great ideas! I seem to average winning something at least once per week. I think I'm addicted to it :) I use a lot of your tips and they really work! You rock! And congrats on your recent winning: your Ginger Slaw Whole Foods contest!

    • Once per week are great odds! I need some of your tips. I won the recipe contest right after writing this post, speaking of which I have to work on posting the burger.

      • Congrats on buying a grill! I love ours and use it all the time! I don't really have any other tips for winning stuff, I just really devote a good amount of time on it. Plus I have contests bookmarked to remind me to enter. I also enter a LOT of contests.

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