Crate&Barrel Grill Tools And Relish Menu Subscription #BackyardBlast {4 Winners}

I’ve been talking about grilling burgers for the past couple weeks! You know I can’t go on about it without doing something awesome for my readers too.
I’m so excited for this giveaway..two things I HEART so much. Cooking and meal planning!
My awesome sponsor is one I’ve featured before. Yes, I’ve talked about meal planning services, but I’ve NEVER talked about the same one TWICE on this site! And I’ve never paid out of my own pocket for one, except relish!
I have been a loyal member of Relish meal planning for TWO YEARS now! Yep, way before I even started blogging I was meal planning using relish.

You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients.  -Julia Child


If you like casseroles, conventional dishes or standard meals..relish is NOT for you! Relish is exactly what Julia Child was referring to “just good food from fresh ingredients.” It’s not fancy, but it is “everyday food with a gourmet twist.”


Want to know what’s for dinner? MEAL PLAN! It’s not rocket science…but it is a science! Picking menus, shopping and cooking what you planned on.

Did you know eating at home just once a week will save a family of 4 over $2,000 a year?!


  • Recipes and grocery lists scale! They offer between 2-8 person choice.
  • Vegetarian option.
  • Weight Watchers points option.
  • Kid Friendly recipe options.
  • Low Calorie option.


And something I haven’t seen..every week comes with a dessert!

Relish meal planning is the ONLY meal planning service I have paid for out of my own pocket. Every Thursday I get a new choice of menus to pick from, print my shopping list and go!


Relish is a Frugalette favorite, no doubt and relish LOVES Frugalette readers! They are giving away FOUR prizes!


TWO winners will each get a Crate&Barrel portable grill tool set. Each set is worth $60!


TWO winners will get a ONE YEAR subscription to relish meal planning. Each subscription is worth $58!


Already know you want to sign up? Join Relish Menu Planning service and get 20% off the price! Use code: FRUGALETTE (LOVE RELISH!!!)


Giveaway is open to US Only, 18+. Ends 6/15 11:59 p.m. The first, second and third winner will get to choose which prize they want; either the grill set or the menu subscription.Good Luck!

relish menu planning winners


  1. I'm pretty spontaneous and don't plan meals daily. I know I should though!

  2. I love to grill! Thanks for this :)

  3. My husband cooks out on the grill…..hence would love the tools for him.


  4. Helter Skelter of what is in the fridge

  5. Couldn't leave a comment above but I plan dinners based on which activities we will be doing in the upcoming week :)

  6. i plan whatever sounds good in my head!

  7. We have a sub to Relish, and it's great for meal planning! I like reading their articles, too.

  8. we plan it as we go! lol famous question of the day! " WHAT SHOULD WE EAT?!

  9. I look in the fridge and pantry and decide by what I see in there.

    Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win!

  10. I try to plan meals out about 2-3 days in advance. Thhen I don't have to run to the grocery store at the last minute.

  11. I plan around my couponing

  12. We try to plan a few days in advance.

  13. I make a weekly menu! without it I would be lost! thanks!

  14. We eat what's on sale at Kroger! :) Love to grill out too!

  15. whatever im in the mood for

  16. whatever's in the fridge that looks good

  17. I did freezer meals for my maternity leave – so we just randomly grab and defrost for mow!

  18. I plan dinners by what's on sale and what I have handy that night…

  19. I just plan based on the weekly sale ads, but I would love an easier way!

  20. I am pregnant so I plan meals around what I am craving at the time. lol

  21. Spur of the moment. every day.

  22. I do a tentative meal plan. I pick seven dinners for the week and then eat what we are hungry for that night.

    Thank you!

  23. It's been so hectic lately that i have not been able to plan any dinners.. lol

  24. I use a meal planning service online!

  25. i try and look up a recipe once a week, the rest of the week sandwiches, frozen or take out

  26. Dont plan would love to start getting dinner organized

  27. I look in the pantry, fridge and freezer and pick a few items and prepare whatever I chose. Most meals look like a buffet/mishmash

  28. based on what is in the fridge or cabinets, what we are in mood for and what specials at the store.

  29. I'm starting to meal plan & Make a weekly grocery list to plan for those meals

  30. I look up recipes online

  31. Some weeks I am very organized in planning ahead, taking inventory and preparing a list. Other times I plan as I shop.

  32. I plan a week's worth of meals ahead. I usually try new dishes 2 to 3 times a week because I enjoy cooking.

  33. I plan meals around items on sale at the grocery

  34. We usually just plan dinners either weekly or spur of the moment.


  35. I pick up what is on sale using coupons on most items– meals are basic, a lot of grilling–and salads for the summer.Lots of goodies from the garden.

  36. tamarsw says:

    I am on a diet!

  37. ACMommy3 says:

    I plan menus around my pinterest boards and Taste of home cookbooks. :-)

  38. Kiley Payne says:

    I actually don't plan our meals ahead of time.

  39. I don't plan, that's the problem. We eat what I can throw together.

  40. strangedazeindeed says:

    Very spontaneous unless I buy fresh food and then use it right away.

  41. Sarah Blake says:

    just buying on sale

  42. Rosemary H says:

    I don't plan dinner. My daughter does almost all the cooking. Thanks for the giveaway.

  43. Lorayne Gothard says:

    I see what we have in the pantry that day and make it!!

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