Free Disney Fun Dancing With the Movie Brave


Do you love Disney? I feel ya! There is truly something magical about the World of Disney.  My kids (and admittedly me and my husband) are crazy about all things Disney.
While I would love to jump on a plane and spend a week (month, OK year) living in the Magic Kingdom, it’s just not in the budget (yet). There are so many ways to bring Disney into our home and get our kids to experience it without breaking the bank!


Disney movies are a great option for getting touched by a little bit of Disney without touching your savings!  Just like you prep for Disneyworld, I prep when a new Disney movie comes out!
In the weeks before the movie is released, I do activities with the kids to get them excited about what they are going to see.
Since I started doing this, I noticed how much more they understand the story;  and a 2 hour movie now lasts weeks on end! :) Money well spent.



Every moment is a teachable moment! The kids are so excited to see the movie Brave, coming out June 22nd. It’s a great opportunity to introduce the culture of Scotland. We got out the globe and looked for the the country just north of England.




I got this fun dance sheet to teach the kids the traditional Scottish dance. And how cute is that little guy! You can download your own copy HERE!




We looked up  some of the costumes for Brave from HERE. My son wanted a kilt! I used my wool shawl and wrapped it around him. My daughter wore a flower girl dress she had from a wedding and we were ready for some JIGGERY POKERY (Brave Scottish word meaning nonsense)


They had so much fun, and my son even asked to wear his ‘kilt’ again tomorrow!


Off you go lads and lasses! Brave hits theaters June 22nd!


This tweet is clickable, share the JIGGERY POKERY!




  1. what a great post! Love how you incorporated all the fun activities with your kids!

  2. What a cute post! And I can't wait to see Brave!

  3. Oh my word! Your kids are adorable! Love the outfits & am excited about the movie!

  4. Gorgeous children!! My daughter is anxiously waiting to watch this movie!

  5. So cute!! My daughter can't wait to see the movie too

  6. Love the way you got the kids so involved. Being from the UK, we've been to Scotland a few times now and its absolutely beautiful x

    • We've been looking at pics online, the landscape and greenery looks stunning! I miss UK! We lived there for a short 6 month stint up in Lancaster.

  7. that is a great idea! I never thought much about educating my kids about a cartoon before they see it, but I can see how this would make it even more exciting and fun for them! I will have to give it a try!

    • They are not surprised or totally confused now by the movies/shows, they have a better understanding of the context. As a former elementary school teacher, I try to find teachable moments everywhere!

  8. Oh! Your kids are so adorable! Sounds like this movie is going to be fun to see!

  9. Love how you used the movie as a teaching moment! I think it makes kids more excited for the movie when they know more "real facts" about what the movie is about!

  10. I agree with you that every moment is an opportunity to learn and teach. I love how you studied Scotland and their culture to prepare your children for the film.

  11. Very cute!


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