Let PriceBlink Check Prices For You!


Do you shop online? Me too! I keep a list of things I need to buy and once every couple weeks I go through the list of sites to check.  It starts with Amazon and goes on indefinitely. I check site after site trying to find the best price and many times get so tired I forget buying it altogether. Let’s not get started on trying to match coupons to the sales either!
I just found out about a free site that does all the price comparison for you! Let someone else do the work right? Enter PriceBlink!



I need a new pair of sneakers. I really wanted Reeboks, they often go on sale and have great promos. The first thing you need to do is download PriceBlink. It will be added to the toolbar in your browser. It is completely hidden until you are on a shopping page that has products and prices on it.It’s like browser magic!
I didn’t want to test out Target or Amazon…seemed too easy. I went straight for and do you know, PriceBlink found a deal at Groupon for $25 for $50 at Reebok?! Um, crazy! That’s 50% off right there…and who can keep up with daily deal sites? I would never have known about that!



After how much time I saved looking for Reeboks, I thought I would test PriceBlink with a tricky iPad that I looked up at Not only did they find me coupons this time..but check out the savings. listed it for $659, PriceBlink found that same one selling for $629 with free shipping and I didn’t have to switch browsers!
I’m so excited about my new shopping buddy. Jumping between different browser tabs and looking up promo codes for online shopping is the OLD way! This aims to really help us be savvy a shorter amount of time!
Think of Priceblink like one big virtual coupon! :)

Do you do a lot of online shopping?



Disclosure: I was given a promotional item for this review. Regardless I only post what I believe to be valuable content to my readers. All opinions, thoughts and experience are mine alone.




  1. smile789 says:

    So cool! I love how it also tells you weather or not they accept Paypal.

  2. oh wow, that is so handy – I also love the paypal part. I am always looking for places that accept it!

  3. Very interesting!! Also love the paypal thing!

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