Get Paid to Visit Amusement Parks: Amusement Advantage

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Happy Friday all! I love Fridays, that’s why I picked it as the day to learn more about ways to earn a little extra cash, get free products, and work with fun brands. I do sign up with every company I feature, as I want to learn how the program works. But, I’m only active on a select few. I encourage you to sign up with all of them and then decide if it’s something you really like or not.


It’s hard to tell just from a description if it works for you. You can check all the past Feedback Friday posts from the icon in my sidebar. By signing up with so many companies, I’ve found ones that I didn’t realize I would like so much!


Amusement Advantage Mystery Shopping


I just signed up for AmusementAdvantage. By, just, I mean all of 7 minutes before writing this post! I am super excited to find them and hope I get to try it out. If you have ever done Mystery Shopping, or were looking to try it out, you have to sign up for this.
Amusement Advantage is mystery shopping at amusement parks! They’ve been around since 1996, they have a good reputation in mystery shopping.┬áNow, while they don’t pay you lots of money to eat and shop inside the park, at least 2 tickets will be compensated.
Here is what they say about payment:

We generally are able to provide reimbursement of all expenses required to evaluate the facility for 1-2 people.

The way I look at it, if I was planning to go to these parks anyways, why not at least get part of it reimbursed?! This is a great way to cut down your entertainment expense. School just started but I’m already thinking about stuff to do in Winter break, Spring Break..long weekends!
Some tips before signing up:

  1. You don’t need to have mystery shopping experience, but you must be a good writer! Write details, remember specifics about the park for your report after; i.e.clean bathrooms, friendly staff, product availability

  3. Make sure you have at least 20-30 minutes for the application. It took me a good 20 minutes to fill out everything properly.

  5. There are a couple places to fill out short essay type answers. Write, check and check again before submitting!

  7. Applications are tiered, so if your written content is not up to par it won’t have a good chance of being picked for opps.

  9. There is one question that asks where you found out about them. The very last response is Twitter, you can give them my handle if you want: @thefrugalette (There is no referral bonus that I know of, just a question to be prepared for).



If you live in CA or FL, I would think this is a must sign up with all the Amusement Parks you have there!


Are you a part of Amusement Advantage? I’d love to hear if you get picked, come back and let me know!




  1. This would be an awesome deal in CA or FL!

  2. The kids would love this!!! I wonder if any of the Michigan Parks has this type of deal. Thanks 4sharing!

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