Feedback Friday: Earn Gift Cards Shopping and Eating Offline


Happy Friday! Let’s make some extra cash, shall we?  Every Friday (although I’ve been going every other Friday lately), I post a company that rewards lovely consumers with gift cards, cash or fun products for your feedback or engagement with the company.


I just heard of plink and I am really interested!


This one is super easy. Just shop and eat at places you normally do OFFLINE  (i.e. in real life) and plink will reward you with points. Earn enough points and cash out!


  1. Register your credit or debit card. (No worries, more on the security later)
  2. Dine and shop offline.
  3. Earn cash and rewards like Amazon and Walmart gift cards.



In a word..yes! I watched this short video and the whole process is similar to any other online system that encrypts your bank card, like They only use the info to track your purchases so you get your points credited.

  1. They do not have access to your bank account.
  2. They do not have access to your bank card number.


  1. We only use a debit card, now I can get rewarded for using it.
  2. This is for offline purchases and eating out, even at fast food!
  3. No need to carry around their bank card, just use your regular card like you normally do.



Disclosure: The above is an affiliate link and if you sign up through it I may or may not get credit. Thank you for helping to keep The Frugalette going!



  1. Interesting! So they earn advertising money for referring you there, or something?

    • I don't know how they earn their money, but it's probably either through advertising or some previously negotiated deal..but it's pretty cool, because you just use your card like you normally do.

  2. thesteadyhand says:

    Sounds like an easy way to earn some rewards especially if you eat out and shop a lot. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you for showing this. I almost signed up yesterday for it and the CC info kinda scared me away!

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