CVS Beauty Club: Diminishing Dark Under Eye Circles and My DIY


Meet Dr. Dina Strachan, Dermatologist and resident CVS Beauty Board member.
Oh the dark circles could tell tales. What’s my biggest skin pet peeve? Dark under eye circles! If I could lighten them up, my whole face would be brighter, I would walk lighter and possibly smile more.
I really like it when friends comment on how tired I look. Really? I know I’m tired, you know I’m tired, but I don’t want to look tired!
This was on my top list of things to ask Dr. Strachan when I interviewed her about products I can use from CVS to help lighten the circles.
Dr. Strachan’s advice for dark circles:

Dark circles can happen for a number of reasons – genetics, allergies, sun exposure or skin thinning. The correct treatment will depend on the cause. It would be best to have a dermatologist examine you to determine what the cause may be. If the skin is dark due to genetics, you could try an eye cream and make sure to always wear sunscreen and sunglasses.


I know my dark circles are genetic! I’ve had them since I was a teenager and got more sleep than should be humanly allowed. As I’ve gotten older and had next to no sleep, mothering and working, I know it’s all worsened the problem.

If you want to try an affordable cream to help lighten the circles, Dr. Strachan recommends: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Eye Cream.

neutrogena healthy skin eye cream
At $11, it’s a great price for an under eye cream!

I’ve been trying out an *almost* free alternative! My secret weapon these days:

dark circles treatment Tea Time

Apparently placing tea bags on your eyes will help to diminish the appearance of dark circles! Next time you have a cup of tea, keep the tea bag!
Place it on your eyes for 15-20 minutes 1-2 times a day for 2 weeks. The caffeine in the tea bag constricts the blood flow which helps to lessen the darkness. Try it! You have nothing to lose, except some wet eyes.


  1. My biggest pet-peeve about my skin is how oily my T zone always is.

  2. I have two pet peeves about my skin. One has always been my dark under eye circles. It's genetic for me as well. I always have a sleepy appearance, and I think it makes my eyes look smaller as a result. And I hate taking pictures because it just magnifies them. And a newer development for me is my skin has suddenly become so dry. On my forehead, my chin, and my nose area especially.

  3. My pet peeve about my skin is wrinkles!

  4. lisa brown says:

    I love the DIY dark under eye treatment.

  5. sarah hirsch says:

    Dark circles do tend to make people look tired and also older. Anything that can help minimize dark circles is great!

  6. akronugurl says:

    i hate my dry skin

  7. My biggest pet-peeve about my skin is acne blemishes

  8. jalapenomamamn says:

    Biggest pet peeve – how dry it is especially in the winter!
    Thank you.

  9. My biggest pet peeve is my dry skin

  10. i never had this as a kid but an occasional acne problem

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  11. Mary Happymommy says:

    My biggest pet peeve is that my eyes always have that tired look.

  12. My skin pet peeve is that it's sensitive to the littlest thing. If I scratch it even if there's no insect bite present, the skin will be red for a few hours.

  13. ii hate my acne marks

  14. My biggest pet peeve is that I have a mix skin, oily & dry so no product is ever right for me. Even if they say they are for mixed skin, it always leaves my skin either too dry or oily! :(

  15. Amy Peschel says:

    My pet peeve is the redness from rosacea.

  16. Christy Maurer says:

    My biggest pet peeve is the same as Amy's! I have red cheeks from rosacea.

  17. mamasmilesblog says:

    I have genetic under-eye circles – and at least one of my kids has inherited them! Annoying, but no big deal in the grand scheme of what we could be dealing with!

    My eyes decided they don't like contacts anymore, and my silver lining there is that I feel like my glasses hide the circles somewhat!

  18. my biggest pet peeve is my dry skin! it always looks like im peeling

  19. Brandi Thompson says:

    I have dry skin, especially on my face. My 2 month old daughter has it also. It stinks that she inherited this from me.

  20. Wendy Kroy says:

    My biggest pet peeve is uneven skin tone.

  21. My biggest pet peeve with my skins is the redness I get in certain areas. And how dry it is.

  22. Traci Lynn Butler says:

    My skin is sensitive, oily, acne prone and I have rosacea :(

  23. Amanda Alvarado says:

    My pet peeve is that my skin breaks out like no tomorrow! There are no triggers or anything. One day I will be fine and then next I' broken out! Really annoying!

  24. Break outs and remaining redness from previous acne – no matter what I do I cannot get rid of that stuff.

  25. Marti Parks says:

    My pet peeve is my dark circles under my eyes. I've had them since I was a child and nothing really gets rid of them.

  26. Susan Smith says:

    My pet peeve is my dark circles under my eyes, I have to use a concealer every day to get rid of them.

  27. My biggest skin issue is acne!

  28. My biggest peeve with my skin is wrinkles!

  29. Tracy ALlen says:

    My pet peave is dark spots and freckles

  30. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    my pet peeve is my breakouts.

  31. I've got those circles too, genetic as well I guess. Another peeve of mine is those fine lines that when I get older will be full-on wrinkles! I'm not ready to look old!

  32. Thomas Murphy says:

    My biggest pet-peeve about my skin is acne.

  33. My biggest pet peeve is how my skin gets so dry during the winter.

  34. MissMannah says:

    My biggest pet peeve is the dark circles under my eyes

  35. Jennifer Souders says:

    I'm 37 and I STILL have plenty of acne – nothing gets rid of it.


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