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This DIY Window and Glass Cleaner should have been on The Price is Right.
Did you ever watch The Price is Right?
I should have known as a kid I would be obsessed with price points as an adult. My favorite show growing up was not a cartoon. Sitcoms seemed dull and back then the only reality T.V. was a game show.
I played Price is Right from home like my future depended on it. My favorite game was Hi Lo.
Remember Hi Lo?
The contestant was asked to place certain grocery items in the Hi row or Lo row based on what they thought the price was. If there was ever a cleaner, the crowd would roar, “Hi! Hi! Hi!”
I learned early on how expensive cleaning agents are. If they put my Heinz Vinegar Cleaning recipe up there, no one would put it in the Lo category!
It’s just too compelling not to give vinegar cleaning a chance. Besides the numerous health hazards of using toxic chemicals regularly, going green is also cheaper..A LOT cheaper!

heinz cleaning vinegar
I was at Walmart and stopped by the vinegar section to pick some up just for my cleaning. I found a product I hadn’t tried before. Heinz now has a Cleaning Vinegar, priced at $2.98.
It’s located in the same section with the rest of the vinegar, the only difference is the acidity.It has 6% acidity versus the standard 5% in regular vinegar.
Since I was buying it just to use for cleaning I thought that extra bit of acid would be helpful.

vinegar glass cleaner
Plain vinegar and water is usually touted as the ‘All Purpose’ cleaner. It does work for most things, except glass and mirrors. I was still reaching for my blue potion.
Until now.
I was determined to find a recipe that worked. There is one that kept coming up over and over to great reviews! The key ingredient, besides the vinegar, corn starch!
I know, right? That cloudy, clumpy powder we add to thicken sauces helps to keep everything streak free. It worked great! Check out how shiny and streak free my mirrors are.

There are literally thousands of uses for vinegar. Frugalette Facebook fans love their vinegar! Check out their tips:


Charise N.: We clean everything with white vinegar mixed with water and some lavender oil to give it a fresh scent.

Ayesha B.: It even fluffs towels if you put some in washing machine.

SheryleLove it for cleaning, especially in the kitchen where you don’t want chemicals near food. I also use it to clean fruit and vegetables. I use it in the laundry room too – mixed with some Suave conditione, it makes a great and inexpensive fabric softener.

Kim T.:  My favorite, FAVORITE is for a clogged drain. Sprinkle baking soda down the drain…let it sit for a bit. Then pour down the drain some white vinegar. Then follow with some hot water. Sometimes, you can literally HEAR the drain open up.

Peggy N.: First go to product – works especially well on marble/porcelain/tile floors!

Angeliina L.:  Dilute the vinegar in water 50/50 mix-add som essential oils and lemon juice. Laundry soap is replaced with baking soda, vingear and tee tree oil–in the dryer I use wool dryer balls instead of the highly toxic dryer sheets. Apple cider vingear is a great hair conditioner. Hydrogen peroxide for cleaning toilets and brightening grout. 

Alex O.Also , a couple tea spoons in your windshield washer tank , will keep your windows from frosting and from icing up.


DIY Window and Glass Cleaner Recipe


  • 2 c. water
  • 1/4 cup vinegar
  • 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol
  • 1 Tablespoon cornstarch


  1. Mix all ingredients into an empty spray bottle.
  2. Shake before each use as the corn starch settles.
  3. Use on windows, glass, mirrors or sink for extra shine.


  1. I never was very good at The Price is Right, but 58 cents sounds like a good number :)

  2. I love using Vinegar for cleaning my windows and my glass stove. Great post! I also like to soak my cucumbers in it with a little lemon pepper. LOL

  3. mamasmilesblog says:

    I need to try this!

  4. 7onashoestring says:

    I have not tried cornstarch! Your tips are always awesome. There are so many things you can use vinegar for I feel like I may never learn them all. :)

  5. love this post…thank you for being so awesome!!!

  6. I totally remember the Price is Right and the Hi Lo game! I had no clue that there was a “cleaning” vinegar! I will look for it on my next Walmart trip. As always, thanks for sharing your green ideas.

    • Isra Hashmi says:

      Ha! Still love Price is Right. Yes, the cleaning vinegar has a higher acidity, and a huge bottle is only $2-$3. Will last a long time!

  7. Christina A. says:

    I never use sprays…..those microfiber cloths you can get for pennies….one wet and one dry. Do not wash with fabric softener.

  8. Kelley P. says:

    I am truly AMAZED! I will never purchase commercial window/glass cleaner again! Thank you for sharing this recipe with us.


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