A Quick Way to Save Money Without Sunday Inserts

cvs coupons
I’m slowly breaking up with the Sunday Inserts.

No, I’m not giving up coupons! Coupons are the light at the end of the checkout lane. The thing is I’m not using very many of them anymore. Between online and in-store coupons, I find myself letting Sunday inserts expire and go to waste.

So I miss a deal here or there, maybe the ‘money makers’ aren’t stellar, but the big picture remains. I’m still way ahead of the game and still saving a lot of money on items I need anyways.



This is the biggest question I get asked. A lot. Is there a way to save money without buying the Sunday newspaper? It seems so old fashion. I agree. There are many places to get coupons that don’t require buying one newspaper.

I went to CVS last night to pick up Pull-Ups and only used the coupons I got from the red coupon machine…that day! Yep, all the coupons I used were ones that printed last night right before checkout.

cvs coupons

These are the coupons I used to get everything above for $8.
Pull-Ups $13.99
2 Softsoap $3.99/each
Help! Brand Band-Aids $3.99
- Pull-Ups on sale for $9.49
-Softsoap on sale $3.50/each
-$4 off $20 CVS Coupon (more tips for using this below)
-$4 off Any Softsoap
-$2 off Any Help! Brand Items
=$10.48, get back $2 ECB for buying 2 Softsoap promotion
net=$8.48 total (less then the cost of the diapers on sale)




The other most popular coupon question. How to use that $4 off $20 when you are short?! In my above scenario I only went to pick up Pull-Ups, I didn’t need handsoap or bandaids, but they were ‘fillers’ to make the deal better.
I was $10.51 short of using the $4 off $20. So,what to buy?
Grab your ad!

  1. Look for items that will be FREE after coupon or after ECB to bring up your total.


The Softsoap was Buy 2, get $2 ECB back AND I got a $4 off Softsoap CVS coupon. Now I’m only $3 short of $20. I got a $2 off ANY Help! Brand item.


The first rule of using an ‘ANY’ coupon is to look for the cheapest, smallest size to make the item as close to FREE as possible. My CVS only had one small section of Help! products and they were all $3.99.


For less then a pack of diapers on sale I also got hand soap and band-aids. Good times.

All savings is good savings! Use what you have!


  1. Those are good tips to saving. It just takes a bit of plinanng ahead of time, doesn’t it? And cutting out those last minute runs for one or two items.I make a lot of things at home instead of buying them. I don’t buy detergents or cleaners of any sort since I make them at home. I mix my own spices, sauces, and condiments. Those are super easy to get the kids involved in. We also started growing a lot of our staple vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Again, the kids get to help out, they’re more likely to eat it if they contributed and it saves me a ton of money.

  2. JamericanSpice says:

    Here is my question:
    Is it cheaper to shop at CVS for some things instead of walmart or target?

    • If you are using coupons and their cashback, then yes it is even cheaper then Walmart or Target. But both those places also take manufacturer coupons! You should check out my $5 Drugstore Deals post!


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