Six Ways to Repurpose Items for Sock Organization

sock organization
Three kids. Two adults. An infinite number of socks.
What is it about socks that makes organization so tough?
They are small, easy to lose and hard to match. Keeping them organized should be the least of your problems; physically and financially!
Here are six ways to organize your socks using items you probably have around your house already!

1. Tissue Boxes: Cut off the top halves of tissue boxes and place in drawer. They make instant drawer sorters and can be arranged in any pattern to fit. Use binder clips to hold several boxes together.
Tip: Organizing socks in different boxes according to style or color will help you save time when you’re searching for a specific pair or type.

2. Baby Wipes Containers: Break off the lid of a baby wipes container and use the box for sock storage. They fit right into most drawers.
Tip: Save the lids and use them for younger children to play games like peek-a-boo, or tape flashcards to the backs and let them “open the door” to find the object.

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What items do you use for frugal organization?


  1. mamasmilesblog says:

    I use old shoeboxes. I like your tissue box suggestion.

    I also wash tiny baby socks in lingerie bags – that way they don't get lost in the washer, or wind up inside shirt sleeves.

  2. Love, Live and Garden says:

    Love the baby wipe container suggestion..

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