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How much is your influence worth?
If you are active in your social networks, in any form, you have Klout. And if you have Klout, you get perks! In this edition of Feedback Friday, I dive into the world and benefits of joining



Klout is a San Francisco based company that developed an algorithm to measure an individual’s  influence across their social networks. In other words, if you update your Facebook status or tweet some stuff out, you probably have Klout (social influence).
Klout scores are measured between 1-100 points. The higher the number, the bigger your Klout.



The bottom line, if you like getting FREE products, great deals or fun experiences you should check out
Past perks have included;

klout perk
$25 AMEX gift card! This was a great perk that was given out last year in celebration of Small Business Saturday.
klout perkThis was the perk that made me want to write about it! So far, my favorite perk. I qualified to get a 1 year membership at One Medical here in Boston, it’s worth $200!
One Medical is a doctor’s office with extreme care and attention. They accept all insurances but because of their membership fee they are able to offer same day appointments, full diagnostic testing without referrals, and just overall care the way every doctor’s office should be.
Now, that’s a perk that is priceless!



Perks come with qualification requirements. Some are simple: just live in the US. Others like One Medical, are more restricted: must live in MA and have Klout scores higher than 60.

klout perk
This is an example of what qualifications may look like next to a perk. Take note of the ‘Topics’ category. Not only does Klout measure your influence among networks, it measures what topics you are influential in!
So even if you had a Klout score above 40 and lived in Chicago, if you were not considered influential in one of the listed topics, you would not qualify.



So you want perks, but your Klout score is too low? There are things you can do that will help to raise your score.



Connect as many networks as possible! It’s up to you how many you want to connect, but the more you have connected the better for your score.



Klout loves Twitter! Tweet, get re-tweeted and share great content. Share tips, pictures, re-tweet others you admire. Simply tweeting out links to blog posts or re-tweeting a bunch of giveaway and entries will not help. There has to be a reaction on the other end for it to make an effect on Klout.

Try just tweeting out Good Morning or Have a Great Day…someone will respond eventually, and if they don’t than just tweet at me, I’ll re-tweet you. :)



I love Buffer! Use it to schedule your tweets for optimum exposure. When you remember a great quote or funny joke, don’t tweet it just yet. Schedule it through buffer to make sure your tweet is getting the best chance at getting engagement.



Twitter has many opportunities to join chats about topics that interest you. It’s a great way to get re-tweeted and lots of engagement. Find a niche that interests you and start tweeting! A couple of my favorites: #foodiechats #blogchat and for tech fun and giveaways check out #winchat (Microsoft Windows) every Tuesday from 3-4  PM EST.



Klout has a social network of it’s own called +K. Everyday Klout gives you 10 +K to give others in certain topics.
This is a sample of the many topics Klout thinks I’m influential in. You can even add topics yourself! But the key is to get others to give you +K to help boost your influence in those topics.

If you’re ready to sign up for you can check it out here!
Are you on Klout? Have you gotten any perks from it? 


  1. 7onashoestring says:

    Great tips… as usual. You are always so right on! My favorite Klout perk was a "Chicago" concert at CES in January. They had been one of my favorite bands since elementary school, so seeing them was dream come true!

  2. mamasmilesblog says:

    Excellent tips. My favorite perk was a bunch of Bert's Bees products – love those!

  3. Klout can be a pain sometimes, but the Perks are nice. I really liked the one where they gave you $25 to donate to your favorite charity!

  4. Thanks for the great info! I never remember to take advantage of the perks.

  5. I have yet to get a meaningful perk from Klout – something to aspire to I guess!

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