Help a Mama Out: Santa’s List is Too Expensive!

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A mama needs help to tell her kids they will not be getting what they wished for Christmas. It’s just too expensive.


Here is the dilemma:


Christmas is just around the corner and money is so tight. I just read my kids’ Santa letters and there is no way I could afford what they are asking. I bought them a couple things but it’s not much. What should I do? How do I explain to them that they are not getting what they asked for.


I just knew the readers would come up with awesome ideas! I posted this on The Frugalette Facebook page and there were so many great responses. Check out what the readers had to say:


Tiffany A., “When we were little, my parents said that Santa had a budget just like parents do.”


Ellen L.C., “We generally say that Santa has only so much room in his sleigh and there are so many children that he could only bring a few things.”


Dede Z., “Can you give a family gift — maybe an outing to a park or a movie? Santa could write a note saying that your family needs to spend some time together. My kids are always happier with an experience that gives us wonderful memories than they are with a toy that they get bored of after an hour.”


Nan KcJ., “Give love and teach its not how many but the gift of giving that counts. take them to visit a nursing home.sing carols.”


Catrina J., “ I would write a note saying Mom/Dad’s wish to Santa was to spend one on one quality time with each kid. Give a few ideas of something free or inexpensive that each specific child would like, then let them pick on the special day!”


Melanie B., “ I think is always a neat gift to plan the “12 months of Christmas”. You have an idea for a family date or even a couples date and you make a list for the year. It’s something that you and your family can look forward to all month. You can spend the day at the park with a picnic lunch in the spring. You can maybe go tubing on a river in the summer. Go to a free museum. Pick strawberries or apples, etc. The gift of time is often so much better than a material gift.”


So many great ideas! Hope this gets you thinking of ways to celebrate without breaking the bank.


How do you handle Santa’s letter requests?



  1. I’m sure I’ll be fielding questions like that soon enough. Thanks for sharing some great ideas!

  2. This will be useful by next year. Thanks for this great ideas.

  3. We don’t tell our kids about Santa (they’ve always known the gifts are from us) and they understand that we can’t buy everything under the sun. I agree with the suggestion that an experience together (like an outing or trip) is something kids will enjoy more than a toy.

  4. My parents always told me I get 1 thing from Santa. So, I’d pick the thing I wanted most. The rest of my gifts were from my parents individually. I’m now doing his same method with my kids!!

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