Five Best Things to Buy in December

best buys in december
Welcome to December!
There’s a chill in the air and a warmth in the stores. Fancy readers unite! With Black Friday behind us, stores are trying every which way to get us in the door to buy high end items for bargain basement prices.
Every month is a better month than others to shop for certain items. Shopping seasonally is key to scoring great deals. I found a lot of deals this month, and had a hard time picking the top five. reported retail sales for Black Friday fell by 5.6 percent. Ouch!
Not good for stores, but very good for consumers.
Here are the best things to buy in December!

1. CARS According to Yahoo! and, December is the best month to buy a car. After analyzing data from the past 3 years, not only did they find December to be the cheapest month, but 6 of the 10 cheapest days ALL YEAR to buy a car are in this month! December 14-31 are the cheapest days, in the cheapest month to buy a car! (Oh I wish Santa would bring mama a minivan!)

dora sales2. TOYS But not yet! The best toy deals, according to MSN Money will come in the middle weeks of December, right before Christmas. This Dora mermaid doll will go on a lightning discount tomorrow on Amazon! Everyday in December Amazon is doing a lightning toy deal. But, the few days before Christmas are NOT good days for toys. Stores know that shoppers by than are in a rush to get anything and will not be concerned with price.


3. TOOLS  How many commercials have you seen lately for tool sales? Too many to count probably! Look for deals on tool kits that come in handy box packages. I found this Dremel three tool drill combo kit on Amazon. It’s currently $133 from $256, that’s 48% off and there’s a promotion on top of that if you click the coupon under you’ll get an extra $10 off! 

gift card deals4. GIFT CARDS This is a deal I really like! If there are restaurants your family regularly go to, check if they have any holiday promotions going on for gift cards. For example at Maggiano’s right now they are giving a bonus $20 GC for every $100 purchased and a subscription to Food and Wine magazine!


5. BIKES For somewhat obvious reasons, December is a great month to buy a bike! Since most of the country is too wet, too cold or too covered in snow, the last thing on shopper’s minds are bikes. All things cycling are such great deals right now, Amazon has a whole holiday section devoted just to cycling gear!

Did you finish your holiday shopping? What deals are you looking to score?



  1. That's good to know about #2…I still have a bunch of toys to buy!

  2. 7onashoestring says:

    I wish we could buy a new car! And I am sure there are still toys and gift cards left for us to buy this year. Thanks for the list… always so helpful!

  3. I want a new car so bad. Well, doesn't even have to be "new" just bigger…much, much bigger. :)

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