Most Popular Blog Posts of 2012

best blog posts 2012
This is it!
You read, I saw! These are the top 10 most popular posts for 2012. Did your favorite make the cut? Did you miss reading it before?
It’s great to see some of my favorite posts to write, were also your most favorite. We’re riding the same vibe and it feels great!
Check out what was H-O-T in 2012!


10 Step Couponing Course

There is no denying it. You loved the 10 Step Couponing Course! It was the #1 most read series on the blog. Couponing is not rocket science, but it is  a science. I love breaking things down in easy to follow steps and it seems you do too!


How to Shop Macy’s One Day Only Sale

This one surprised me! I have some major Macy’s fans out there. Newbies and veterans alike found some tips from How to Shop Macy’s One Day Only Sale. There really are some great deals to be found at Macy’s, just have to know where to look.


Beauty Makeover Under $15

This year found me a big family wedding and a super tight budget to prepare for it. We all love to be pampered but don’t like the price tag. It’s clear why this post was so popular! I showed you how I got a complete makeover, massage included, for under $15! Did you try my favorite avocado anti-ageing mask?


About Me- My Fancy to Frugal Story 

Curious cats aren’t we? The About Me page  got thousands and thousands of hits! You all were wondering who the heck am I? And I don’t blame you. Our story of getting out of 56k debt on one income, with 3 kids, touched a lot of people. If my story can give hope to others struggling to get out of debt also then my blog has met it’s goal.


Quick Way to Save Without Sunday Inserts 

Towards the end of this year a lot of you were getting burnt out on using coupons, including yours truly. I wanted to show that even without clipping one coupon from the paper you could still save a lot of money. Check out how I got diapers, soap and band aids for $8 at CVS!


Crock Pot Stuffed Peppers 

No frugal blog is complete without some great tried and true crock pot recipes! The stuffed peppers, although far from authentic, got people pinning and sharing. The bright colors and easy recipe was fun to make and even better to eat.


#26acts of Kindness

In the worst news this year, the whole nation struggled to find some way to deal with the tragedy in Newtown, CT. A week after it happened, I found myself on the receiving end of a wonderful random act of kindness. It left me with a glimmer of hope that there are still so many good people in the world. Following Ann Curry’s lead, I encouraged the blogging community to take part in the #26acts of kindness movement.


Be Your Own Photographer

This was the year of  iPhonography and DSLRs! We can’t afford a professional photographer but it doesn’t mean we can’t teach ourselves! The post on being your own family’s photographer got a lot of you saying yes! Yes, I can do that too!


Crock Pot Roast Chicken

Roast chicken in the crock pot? Oh yes! This was the year of the slow cooker. I used it for 30 days straight and started with this juicy, finger lickin’ good roast chicken. The whole thing fit perfectly, and you all loved it!


How to Save Your Stockpile

This post hit home for a lot of my stockpiling friends. I got so many emails of support saying how sorry they were that we lost our whole stockpile. I didn’t want our loss to be in vain and went digging to help you get the top advice for keeping your own stockpile safe.

2012 was a great year for learning, saving and crock potting!
Which post was your favorite? Did it make the list?

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  1. I can’t believe I never read your about page before! Mike and I finished grad school with nearly six figures of student loan debt – and a baby. I really wanted to stay home, so we made it work, with the good fortune of mike getting a good job he loves. I think teaching kids how to love frugally, happily, is a wonderful life skill.

    • Ouch on the student loans! Thankfully the only loan we never had was a student one. I’m already looking into ways to get the kids involved in activities that will help qualify them for scholarships later. It’s never too early!

  2. Oops I meant live, not love…

  3. What a great way to recap a whole year!

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