Repurpose Magazines Into DIY Boot Shapers!

homemade boot shapers

It’s boot season. I love long boots, but do not like floppy boots!

When I put my boots in the closet they take up so much space because of this…

homemade boot shapers

And the other problem; once I stop wearing them come Spring and Summer, they start to show signs of creasing and cracks from slouching over all those months. I found these boot shapers on Amazon. Great! But $12?!

I love Oprah, and especially love Oprah magazine. Here’s another reason to love her!

boot shapers
Take an old magazine, works well if it’s a bit thicker. Simply roll it up and place inside. I love seeing Oprah’s face peek back at me!

boot shapers

Voila! Perfectly shaped boots! I love this idea so much, I’m excited to pick up more boots with all the sales going on right now!

Lengthen the life of your boots by keeping them shaped!

Thanks to readers Sruthi and Leila for the inspiration!

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  1. Great tip! I’ll have to remember that if I ever get fashionable enough to buy nice boots :)

  2. great idea, thanks for the great post, i always love all the great tips

  3. that a good idea i get so many mag and just throw them away

  4. I was just looking at my boots flopping over!!! I never thought of using magazines!!! Yippee!!! esp when winter is over. One thing I had been doing was hanging them with a hangar, a real pain and stopped doing it.

  5. Thank you so much!!! Great tip! They sell boot holders for at least $9.99.

  6. Thank you! What am awesome idea! You saved me some big time and money.

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