Bloggers Party at Royal Sonesta Hotel Boston and I Helped

royal sonesta hotel
I co-hosted a company holiday party.
I don’t own a company. And, technically, I don’t celebrate the holidays.
The irony of blogging is that we are seen in social media but in real life we are alone.
If you work from home in any capacity, you understand what I mean. Once you close the computer, there you are. There are no jokes over the water cooler. Your co-worker is either the toddler running around or that cup of coffee on your desk.
Find a tribe locally.
I am part of a local bloggers group called Boston Social Media. Our blog’s niches vary from green living and parenting to fashion and savings. We meet once a month for a real-life coffee break, to chat shop and shoot the breeze.
In one of our meet-ups Niri, from suggested throwing a holiday party just for us. Since we don’t go to company parties, why not throw one ourselves?
I loved the idea so much I co-hosted it with her! In less than 2 weeks we managed to pull off this grand event.
If you blog, I encourage you to take your online connections, offline. There is no substitute (thankfully) for real life relationships.
I present to you: Boston Social Media Holiday Bash Dec. 1, 2012

royal sonesta hotel
Blogger events typically don’t include the whole family. We changed that real quick! Twenty local bloggers and their families were invited. This was one of the views from the event.

sonesta boston
Three child height tables were set up with crafts.

cookie decorating
This one was set up for cookie decorating. Every topping a kid and adult could want.
decorate cookie
She’s headed straight for the sprinkles. That’s my girl.

sonesta boston
The chef from Art Bar Cambridge, restaurant in the hotel, set up a station to make play dough with the kids.

royal sonesta
Edible fruit arrangements on the kid’s tables.

sonesta boston
The kids lunch. Fish sticks, sweet potato curly fries, mini hot dogs in a bun, broccoli and macaroni and cheese in wanton wrappers.

royal sonesta
The grown-ups menu: cous cous with feta cheese and cranberries…

sonesta hotel
sweet potato tater tots, roast beef Panini, banana relish and this…

Seared scallops with watermelon radish. Yes, I went back for more.

whole foods

Every good party must have a party favor. Thank you to the generous sponsors:

Royal Sonesta BostonAflac DuckCVS Beauty ClubFisher PriceGain GC HeadbandsHallmark CardsHamilton BeachHasbroHoughton MifflinMcDonald’s New EnglandRelishUrban SitterWhole Foods- Fresh Pond, Cambridge

The party also helped to support: Toys for Tots, Aflac Pediatric Cancer Research and It Takes a Family (families affected by Hurricane Sandy).
No excuses. If you are a stay at home mom or a work from home mom reach out and make connections in real life. They still matter in this age of technology.
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You can also see lots of pics and conversation on twitter at #BSMHoliday!

Do you work from home? How do you stay connected with real life relationships?

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  1. How cool is this! I love it! THat is a fantastic hotel too! Lucky girl!

  2. gameonmom says:

    That looks so amazing. I'd love to be involved with something like that…especially if I can bring the kids. Well, I'd have to be able to bring the kids or I wouldn't be able to go :)
    Yes, you are a lucky girl!

  3. That is so great Isra! I love the idea behind putting together a party just for bloggers and their families – why should bloggers miss out on a holiday party? The menu looks amazing, for both kids and adults!

  4. That pic, with the 3 of them staring out the window? My favorite pic. To say I loved doing this party with you is a total understatement. Now that we've set the bar high, we have to outdo ourselves at the next one. Ready?

  5. What awesome photos Isra! I need to take some lessons from you!!

    Thanks for such a great event and for the mention too! :)

  6. You two really did set the bar high. What a fabulous party and one that will be remembered for a long time. It was so special to have an opportunity to spend time with local bloggers AND their families. Thank you for all that you did to make this party a tremendous success.

  7. Awesome event! I have the same picture of my kids looking out on the snow that day. Thanks for making the event happen. It's been so nice getting to know you this year.

  8. Nicely done! Love all the photos and It looks like it was a fabulous party! I love that the chef was making playdough with the kids!

  9. This event looks absolutely incredible! Congrats Frugalette! I am in awe (for quite some time now;) of all that you balance and successfully juggle with such grace- and you never disappoint… Always stepping it up a notch (or two!)

  10. What a great way to interact and feel a part of a group. Face-to-face interaction is so important and taking relationships from online to offline adds so much value.

    "Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one." ~Jane Howard

  11. :-)

  12. That looks like such a fabulous party! So beautiful and nice!

  13. very nice! I love the foods they made and the interaction with the kids. Looks like you had a nice time!

  14. What a fun event! It looks like everyone had a blast! I love the photo with the kiddos looking out the window.

  15. DoktaDivah says:

    How fun! That is a fabulous idea! Looks like everyone had a great time. :)

  16. Looks like fun! I love that the chef made play dough for the kids!

  17. Good to get out from behind the screen and meet others. Looks like the kiddos had a fun time with decorating, and the food look amazing.


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