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get out of debt

Coupons were a must for us to get out of debt.

When you’re not paying for diapers, hand soap or all the other things that make a house a home, that frees up a lot of extra cash.

Will I coupon forever? Not sure. Forever is a long time. But I do know, it is a viable, real option for those struggling with finances.


We went from 56k to 0 in 3 years by:
  1. Writing down every debt we owed in full.
  2. Paying off all the smallest debts FIRST. (Get a big win and it gives you major motivation!)
  3. Demanding the credit card companies lower our interest rates and reduce our final payoff.
  4. Using coupons for as many items as we could.
  5. Being a T.E.A.M. You need support, a cheerleader, a sounding board, seek one can even e-mail me!


I recently read about The Debt Movement. It really struck a chord with me. I’m always talking about SUPPORT. Getting out of debt requires a tremendous amount of support and motivation; exactly what the Debt Movement is striving to do.



  • Starting February 1st, thousands of people are taking the pledge to pay down $10 million in debt in 90 days!
  • Started by blogger and certified financial planner Jeff Rose.
  • Sign up at ReadyForZero to be part of it and then join the community at DebtMovement.
  • You can earn scholarships to help pay off your debt!
  • So far sponsors have put up $15,000 to give to participants in The Debt Movement to help pay off their debt!


If I had money to sponsor I would! This movement is exactly in line with what I believe in and what better than to e-link hands with one another and pay off your debt, together.


I will never get tired of talking about how good it feels to be out of debt. I can go on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on oh and this week.


So, yes, anything that encourages getting out of debt with support and motivation is worth supporting in my opinion!
So, are you in? Join The Debt Movement’s frugalette approved!


How are working to get out of debt?

Disclosure: I have no affiliation with The Debt Movement. I just think it’s a wonderful cause that I would’ve joined if it was there when we were getting out of debt!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this website! I just looked it over and sent the link to my husband. I think we are going to sign up!!

  2. 56k in three years? That is truly amazing! Congratulations on this incredible accomplishment and thank you for your support of The Debt Movement. Together, we can help even more people reach incredible debt payoff accomplishments like your own!

    • Thanks Shannon! Until it became our top priority, not just A priority did we really get serious about it. I think it’s a great campaign, and I hope it helps a lot of people to get on board to debt free. :) I’ll be supporting from the sidelines. :)

  3. We are OUT of debt, and it’s amazing. LOTS of frugal living for years, but well worth it.

    • The feeling never gets old right? Until you’ve been in debt and come out the other side, I don’t think there is a real appreciation for the words: debt-free. :)

  4. We’re almost completely out of debt. The only debt we have at this point is a mortgage and that will be paid off in 4 more years. We plan on staying that way.

    • That is awesome Ellen! Wow, only 4 years is nothing, what a feeling that will be when you dont have a mortgage payment!

  5. Wow, this is great! I’m on my way over to check it out. What a positive initiative.

    We coupon, too, but it’s rare that I’m able to find something for completely free. Hand soap is one of the ones we have had success with, though!

  6. I haven’t heard of the Debt Movement, but we are starting the Financial Peace University. Can you tell me more about getting the credit card companies to reduce your debt amount? I’ve never heard of doing that without credit counseling.

    • You can do both! The Debt Movement is totally free to sign up, just another way to find support, and the cool thing is they will be giving away money to help people pa down their debt! Basically, when we were unable to pay our minimum amount on our cc, we just stopped paying. The following month when they realized they were not getting their money they started calling us. Whatever you do, DO NOT avoid those phone calls, if you avoid/hang up on them they will not be willing to help out in any way. My husband talked to them and told them it’s just too high and the payoff is too much. They agreed to give us 0% interest for 6 mos. and a agreed to lower our payoff total enough that we could pay it off in 6 months. They have 2 choices, either they get no money from us or some money! So, they were willing to meet us halfway.

  7. German Lopez says:

    Wow the debt program sounds like a great way to stay motivated and to hang in there and never give up. I am about to go sign up to get rid of my debt for good. Thanks for this great link.

  8. Thanks for sharing this!

    56k in 3 years is amazing!!

    It’s amazing what you can do when you make things the top priority. My husband and I decided to make 2014 our debt-free and save for a house year. Within the first month we have cleared our credit cards and have saved $8k towards our first home. We still have to pay off our car loan…..but we are getting there :-)

    Thank you so much for sharing your great tips for living large without spending a fortune! You have inspired me to start couponing, I can’t wait for the Sunday newspaper!

    • Wow, you are doing great! $8k already is amazing! If you have any questions about couponing, feel free to reach out! :)


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