Have a .edu Email? Get Funding For a New PC!

Windows Chip In Program

I asked my readers on Facebook what’s the one thing you won’t skimp on?My one thing would be the kid’s education. Getting them the right tools and setting them up for success is priceless, but can get expensive.

Microsoft just launched a program to help get students get a new PC before they head back to school.

The thing I like about the program is instead of simply handing off a new, fully loaded PC, they are encouraging students to ‘work for it’ themselves but getting it crowd funded.


All students with a valid .edu address can apply.

  1. Pick the PC you want from the Microsoft Store.
  2. All PCs reflect a special 10% discount for anyone applying for the program.
  3. Create a profile on the Chip In site and start asking your friends and family to fund your new PC!
  4. Once funded you will also get Office 365 installed.
  5. Shipping, handling and tax are waived.

What a fun way to let your friends and family know what you really need for school!

This program runs from June 4th through September 1st.


Disclaimer: I’m a Windows Champions blogger and sometimes get news and updates on services and products that my readers would enjoy. This is not a compensated post.

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