Back to School Bixbee Prize Pack Giveaway- 3 Winners!


One of my fondest memories of going back to school was the shopping! I remember having my outfit for the first day picked out, ironed and waiting for me at the end of my bed. I was so giddy to go to sleep knowing I would be wearing my new clothes, shoes and of course every year came with a brand new backpack and lunchbox.

That is a feeling I hope every child has when a new year school year starts. It’s the beginning of new hopes, dreams, goals and ambitions so of course looking and feeling their best is definitely part of the experience.

I recently was introduced to Bixbee. Bixbee is doing great things for kids everywhere. They have a beautiful line of backpacks, duffles and lunchboxes, but they take that beauty one step further.


For every backpack that is purchased, Bixbee donates one backpack filled with school supplies to a child in need here in America or all over the world. To date, Bixbee has donated over 5,000 backpacks and school supplies to children in over 13 different countries.

Millions of children around the world, living in poverty, struggle to receive an education simply because of the cost of school supplies.


Education is the one thing my husband and I do not skimp on. We save every which way, so we can afford to give our kids the best possible start in their academic career. When I started learning more about Bixbee and their mission I knew it was something I wanted to be part of, somehow.

To help spread the word on the awesome work they are doing Bixbee wanted to give a prize package from their gorgeous Sparkalicious line of bags. It is their latest collection for Fall 2013!


I love the work they are doing so much, I asked if we could giveaway THREE prize packages! And they said yes right away! Prize package comes in either pink, purple or aqua and includes:

  • Sparkalicious Backpack ARV $54.99
  • Sparkalicious Lunchbox ARV $19.99
  • Sparkalicious Handbag Duffle ARV $19.99
  • Sparkalicious Wristlet ARV $14.99
    THREE very lucky Frugalette readers will each win a prize pack from the Fall 2013 Sparkalicious collection, ARV $110 each.

    Open to US residents 18+ only. Void where prohibited. Winner will be chosen from all eligible comments below. If winner does not respond within 48 hours of receiving notification, another winner will be chosen. Giveaway ends 8/23/13 11:59 PM EST.

    TO WIN: Leave a comment below letting me know what you loved about back to school as a kid. And be sure to check out Bixbee online, Facebook and twitter! Tell them I sent you!

    Disclosure: This is not a compensated campaign. I simply love the work they are doing and hope you all check them out!


    1. Tracy faris says:

      The back to school pictures :)

    2. I loved the new supplies. The new backpack, clothes, paper, pencil boxes – you name it. There were always book fairs and assemblies. Things were new, exciting and fresh again. LOL

      • Nothing like a brand-new college ruled notebook! I still carry on everywhere I go so I have somewhere to jot down lists and phone numbers.

    3. courtney hennagir says:

      I loved being allowed to pick out some new Lisa Frank notebooks! I always picked out unicorns. :)

    4. dawn cook says:

      i loved the new clothes! new school supplies! and seeing my friends again

    5. I loved the smell, sounds and feel of my school bus! To this day past memories come flooding back every time I chaperone one of my kids class trips!

    6. I loved that we got to jump right into fall activities- football games, weenie roasts, and wearing your crush’s jacket because “I forgot mine.” LOL

    7. Anna Dougherty says:

      Shoes! It’s all about getting some new kicks…a tradition I follow to this day. When we start our back to school shopping (I’ve got 2 kids) we pick shoes first and I get mine too! It’s impossible to resist the deals:)

    8. I’ve always loved school supplies! I was the geek who enjoyed school actually. I also lived out of town so it was a chance to reconnect with people.

    9. I loved the fresh, brand new feeling of the first day of school- new supplies, new clothes, and a new year!

    10. Dialise M Alvarez says:

      What I loved most was the night before. The anxiousness of not sleeping for the anticipation of the new subjects, teachers and potential friends. Not to mention showing off my flashy outfits and trapper keppers (yes I took ot back lol)

    11. JoBeth @09jojo09 says:

      I liked going shopping most I knew every time school started back I would get to shop for shoes and clothes

    12. I loved that cheerleading would start back I did gymnastics and cheered and I loved being young and that feeling

    13. Dawn Emde says:

      I have NO idea why I am still awake at this hour, maybe it’s to win, who knows! LOL!
      If I win, it will be donated to my church, for our backpack drive!!

    14. I just loved the fact that was top to bottom covered in newness. I felt so fresh, like I was enveloped in a cloud of newness :) It was special.

    15. Denise Donaldson says:

      I loved getting school supplies. It was the best part!

      winz135 at

    16. I always looked forward to getting a new backpack. :) This year I bought my little girls back to school stuff and I started to skip buying a new backpack and it suddenly struck me the memory of how happy getting to pick out/ have a new backpack made me and so I went ahead and bought her a new one even though it wasn’t in my budget. She loves her new purple and hearts backpack. :)

    17. I loved going back and seeing all my friends again!

    18. I loved the new clothes my mom would buy for us and then made us wait until the first day to wear them. I just loved going to school in something new.

    19. Ann Marie Palmer says:

      I loved the idea that on the first day you had an A+ in every class! Clean slate, just like the paper in your notebook! Sky is the limit! Nothing was more inspirational than that!

    20. As a child growing up in the bahamas i can’t say back to school shopping was a big deal: i went to catholic school and the focus really was not on shopping. it was only when i became a parent that i became fully aware of back to school shopping. The best part is doing it early in the season without the children and finding items on sale.

    21. I loved getting new school supplies every year. There is something totally wonderful about new pencils, crayons and pens that I love to this day. I’ve passed that love of new office and school supplies on to my girls thankfully!

    22. Tiffany A says:

      My favorite thing about going back to school was meeting up with friends after a long summer! I didn’t live locally to many of them so there was so much catching up to do with them ♥

    23. I loved going shopping for new shoes!

    24. i loved getting a new trapper keeper.

    25. I lived in the country and didn’t get to see anyone from school all summer long, except at church, glad to see classmates

    26. jodi larson says:

      My favorite part was choosing The Outfit…and seeing all my classmates again! I lived on a farm so seeing friends over the summer was few & far between! We always got new undies & socks for “back to school” and I continue that *tradition* with my girls. Who wants undies in your Christmas stocking anyways ;)

    27. I loved all of the new school supplies. Neat shaped scented erasers and pointy pencils. :)

    28. I loved seeing my friends after a long summer . We would all go away over the summer so the first day back was really the first day we would all see each other . Lots of girl talk on that first day .

    29. Caley Fogg says:

      I loved the new outfits and all the new school supplies… aaaaaah the smell of a new spiral notebook!

    30. I always loved getting new shoes when I returned to school in the fall.

    31. I always loved getting back to hang out with all my friends! :)

    32. Back-to-school shopping was certainly high on my list. I loved picking out just the right backpack, lunchbox, and – my personal fave – Trapper Keeper (man, that takes me back). The other thing I looked forward to was finally seeing my friends again. There really weren’t many neighborhoods or housing developments where I grew up. Everyone’s houses were spread in all directions in the country. You couldn’t exactly run up the street to hang out with everyone. So you might get to see three or four friends in the summer, but to see everyone, you’d have to be in school.

    33. I loved getting new supplies and new clothes! the first day was always the best too since you got to see all your friends!

    34. ET Pruitt says:

      I enjoyed seeing my friends after summer break

    35. I loved Back to School shopping and choosing that perfect outfit for the first day!

    36. My favorite thing about back to school was being nervous to meet my new teachers! Showing up on the first day, not knowing who will be teaching me. Having that anxious feeling and suspense searching for my name on the classroom listings. Stepping foot into the unknown classroom, that you will spend the rest of the year learning and experiencing new activities. Eager to see who will be sitting next to you. Everything is new and exciting!

    37. New teachers and new books. Love the smell of fresh books straight off the racks!! ;)

    38. Jarita Crouse Carroll says:

      I loved everything about going back to school butmy most favorite thing was the new school supplies. We didn’t get a lot of new things throughout the year, so it was very exciting to get to pick everything out, open it, and organize it in my new backpack.

    39. Going to the Mall and getting everything new…… We were far from being wealthy, but my parents always made a way for our back-to-school things and Christmas !

    40. What I loved about going back to school, was getting all my school supplies organized in my backpack the night before.
      I would be so full of excitement, I couldn’t sleep. But, it was the only day of the school year, that I would wake up so early ready to go without any struggles. HA HA
      I also loved walking in the classroom and getting to meet my new teacher or teachers. It was all so exciting :)

    41. Teresa Thompson says:

      I loved going back to school. My favorite part was buying all the school supplies. I still have a weakness for stationary.

    42. As a kid, my favorite part was shopping for school and a new bag. :)

    43. Jamie Brigham says:

      I loved being able to see my friends that I wasn’t able to see all summer. I never got to have sleepovers or anything like that so I only saw those friends during school. I also loved getting new clothes and shoes.

    44. I loved going back to school because it was fun seeing my friends again

    45. Les Johnson says:

      I always liked getting new school supplies and clothes. But my absolute favorite thing was always seeing my friends again.

    46. tina larson says:

      I looked forward to new school supplies and clothes. Also to classes starting I would never admit it back then but by the time school started I was bored with summer. Oh and new books to read.

    47. What I loved more about back to school was getting everything new.. I love the backpack because it has the one here and one there program I would love this for my daughter which is starting kindergarten this year thank you

    48. Seeing everyone again after having the summer off. Also getting new clothes. I usually got hand me downs from my sister since I was the little one. Great memories. Thanks for the lovely giveaway too!

    49. Lisa Tulak says:

      I loved my Holly Hobbie lunch kit. Otherwise I had horrid anxiety about going back :)

    50. I always have loved school supplies. At any given moment you can find 7529 pens in assorted colors in my house.

    51. Oh I loved the new school supplies! Perfectly sharpened crayons, new colored pencils, notebooks filled with blank pages to fill.

    52. I always wore a uniform, so I never got to plan my first day outfit, but I loved getting a new backpack every September!

    53. Organizing my new school supplies , new crayons and new clothes!

    54. I loved shopping for school supplies. I loved anything even more if it had pockets!

    55. I loved returning for a new year of learning. I could not wait to start my new classes!

    56. Paulette Pinero says:

      The clothes and having my friends close to me all day long!

    57. I loved everything about back to school but mostly the anticipation of everything being new!

    58. One thing I loved about back to school was volunteering as a crossing guard when I was in grade school. My elementary school would allow 5th and 6th graders to help at the beginning of the year by being crossing guards. We would wear orange belts, have our flags, and help the young ones cross the street. It was so fun for me and it felt good to help. I felt so cool!

    59. I LOVED the back to school shopping, new pencils, pencils, highlighters, crayons….Ahh!! And my little girl would LOVE this sparkleicious lunch box (well she would love the entire line!!)

    60. seeing friends

    61. My favorite thing was catching up with my friends.

    62. I loved opening my lunch box and seeing the sweet notes my mom would write to me!

    63. Jennifer C says:

      I always loved the brand new box of sharp, shiny crayons!

    64. I loved having new school supplies.

    65. I loved the fall time and the high school football games.

    66. Brand new school supplies!!

    67. Michele P says:

      I loved going school shopping, getting supplies and meeting my new teachers and classmates-it was always fun to catch up over the summer with friends and find out what classes we had together.

    68. Terra Heck says:

      I loved getting new clothes and wearing them. I also enjoyed attending English class so I could get started on writing essays and learning the English language. Thanks.

    69. I lived picking out what I would wear each day the first week and then arranging the outfits in the closet. Kind of OCD.

    70. I loved getting my school supplies, folder, pencils, backpack and lunch bag!

    71. Melanie Cooper says:

      Supplies!! I love, till this day, the feel of opening a brand new notebook. When the first page is still blank. I think it was a symbol for me. It represented and new school year, full of possibilities and new things to learn. My kids love new notebooks, pens and pencils. They also look forward to new lunch boxes.

    72. I loved going out back to school clothes shopping with my grandma!

    73. Lori Davis says:

      The new pencils, paper, all of it! Especially shopping in JC Penney with my mom, buying corduroys!

    74. Debra Holloway says:

      Getting back in school for me meant getting back together with my friends.

    75. Back to school shopping was always my favorite part of back to school! Loved new pens, pencils, notebooks, etc!

    76. Amber Atwell says:

      I loved going school clothes shopping! And I loved going to school feeling good in them along with seeing all the friends I had missed all summer!

    77. As a kid, I loved seeing all my friends again. As a mom, I love the routine!

    78. Lily Kwan says:

      getting new clothes

    79. sarah banes says:

      I loved going back to school to be with all my friends….and of coarse the school shopping :)

    80. School pictures, seeing all my friends & making new ones

    81. The new shoes and the smell of fresh copied fliers.

    82. LeAnn Taylor says:

      New friends

    83. My mother made our back to school dresses, so picking the pattern and fabric was THE big deal. Not so much the new shoes. I had to wear corrective shoes until I was 13 – the year I could wear “regular” shoes was the best. And while I never enjoyed the first day of school picture, my family and I really enjoy looking at them now.

    84. Bonnie Purtill says:

      I love shopping for school supplies and knowing that my kids have the best preparation they can get for a successful school year.

    85. Dawn Sterner says:

      I loved that I got a bunch of new clothes & that I got to see my friends again & also make new friends! My daughter would love this!! Thanks :)

    86. What I loved about Back to School was going school shopping with my mother and then we would go out to dinner.I also loved going Back to School was seeing all my friends.

    87. Michele Blinston says:

      We didn’t have much money growing up. There wasn’t really any “back to school” shopping as a kid. What I do remember, is just being excited to go back to school. I loved (and still do to this day) learning new things, and that school class environment!

    88. Taryn Pasco says:

      I loved Back to School Shopping! New clothes and shopping always got me excited! :)

    89. Marcia Goss says:

      I looked forward to getting new clothes and a brand new lunchbox!

    90. Kathi Davis says:

      Being able to see my friends and getting new school supplies

    91. Shelley Drady Enright says:

      What I liked most about back to school when I was a kid was that everything was fresh. New clothes, new shoes, new supplies, new teachers.

    92. Gilda Aliberti says:

      Seeing all my friends and getting cool new clothes.


    93. I love back to school shopping with my 6yr old and seeing the kids that we haven’t seen all summer

    94. New pencils, crisp new sheets of lined notebook paper, new folders, new uniforms, new shoes, new lunch box and a new year-loved it!

    95. Heidi Brooks says:

      My favorite thing about school was shopping for school supplies! Loved the feeling of new beginnings, fresh notebooks, crayons & pencils. And of course, filling my trapper keeper with new folders.

    96. Back to school was always exciting! From the new clothes, school supplies, seeing my bus driver again & getting a new teacher, I could hardly sleep the night before. Growing up in a small town, I was able to still visit my old teachers & meet my new ones. Going back to school felt like home away from home!

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