My Hiatus Post and Advice: Do What You Love

This may be my last post for a long time. It has been an incredible journey.

steve jobs quotes

For the past year, I’ve been writing a weekly series on ways to get happy for free. It had little to do with money and everything to do with this.


Live intentionally. Be purposeful, mindful and be sure you are doing what you believe you were made to do. Life is too short not to.

I started this blog just two short years ago. At the core of my message was to share our struggles with finances and remove some of the shame that comes with it, give hope to others going through the same debt-ridden path and above all know that life is so much more than money, debt and shopping. So very much more.

As we finally got out of debt, found ourselves featured in everything from Redbook to Anderson Cooper, and back again, our story came full circle. We got out of debt, moved out of the city and found what truly matters in life, each other.

This blog became semi-business but never quite found its footing in the business world, probably because I wasn’t comfortable in it. I kept daydreaming about running from social media, closing down all my accounts and going back to a private life, on the prairie.

It started with pictures of my kids, for just me. Who knew you could take a picture without pressing send to 4 networks?

Then, I made the most ridiculous gingerbread caramel poke cake, and didn’t post about it or take one pic. We ate it and enjoyed it as a family without one thought to share it with the world. How very selfish of me.

Then I started getting emails for campaigns, ambassadorships and all expense paid trips (Miami anyone?), and I found my finger pressing delete over and over. But it’s money..a lot of money.

Then it happened. An old friend came to visit me and we talked as old friends do. She just started a new career, a big career change and I felt a tug in my heart I never felt before. That was it. I was going to make a 180 degree career switch and blogging was not part of the switch.

I am looking to the next 20 years.

What do I want to do, where do I want to be, and I knew it was not here. It’s in private and it involves me going back to school. Yes, after having gotten a Bachelor’s, Master’s and a husband and three kids in tow;  I guess it’s time to teach this old dog, new tricks.

I am so ready. So I guess you could say this series, 52 Ways to Get Happy for FREE, has led me to an unexpected, but very welcome new beginning.

My first course starts  tomorrow.

This one is just for me,  back to civilian life.


Thank you to my loyal readers, friends and fans for all your support, emails, virtual hugs and well wishes over the years. This is not good bye, it’s just see you later. 

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  1. I’m so proud of you❤️

  2. I wish you well in your new endeavors. See you later, sweet Friend!

    • Isra Hashmi says:

      Thank you so much Staci, best part of blogging has been the amazing friends I’ve made. I’ll be watching you. ;) xo

  3. I will miss you but am happy to know you are so happy! I wish you the best on the path and hope to catch up one of these days!

  4. Happy Nee Year friend. Cheers to many exciting changes ahead.

  5. courtney hennagir says:

    You will be missed for sure,but I am so excited for what lies ahead for you! Thank you for everything you have done for all of us.Wishing you nothing but love for the new year and beyond!

    • Isra Hashmi says:

      Thank you so much Courtney and thank you for your support. It’s readers like you that made the decision hard, but it’s time I start taking my own advice and practicing what I preach, so off I go! All the best to you and yours. xx

  6. I am so happy that you have completed this circle. You have inspired so so so many and I am sure you will be fabulous in what ever you pursue! Cheers and much luck!

    • Isra Hashmi says:

      Aww thanks Sarah so much. It has been quite a trip, but you know when the end of one journey comes and another begins. I’m very ready for the next part and excited to see where it takes me. All the best in everything you do, and in your own journey! xoxo

  7. Happy new year! You don’t need luck – you have a brain and drive, so I’ll say I wish you joy and more growth along the way.

    • Isra Hashmi says:

      Happy new year friend! My what changes we’ve both been through this year right?! Yes, my brain is what I’m banking on right now! All the best on your journey as well friend. xoxo

  8. Wishing you SO much happiness!! And congrats for doing the right thing, making the right choice for your family. Hope everything turns out well for you!

    • Isra Hashmi says:

      Thank you so much for all your support over the years Dede! Yes, it was an easy choice to make, once I knew it was the right one. All the best in everything! :)

  9. Oh my sweet sweet friend. I almost feel like a part of me is ending, even though you’ve long moved on from “working” for me. I will miss your tales, your words and stories but I know you will be successful in everything you do. I am mainly sad that this means I may not see you in my travels and journeys but hope that one of these days, we can sit and chat about everything….and I promise I won’t click send ;) .


    • Isra Hashmi says:

      Aww Yoli, thank you so much friend. It has been people like you that made the blogging journey all worth it. Blogging led me to what I’m meant to ultimately do, and isn’t that what it’s really all about? Using our space to find ourselves and connect with others along the way. I’m still around, just not as visible. ;) xoxo

  10. I’m so glad to have met you and gotten to know you over the past couple years. I hope we keep in touch <3

    I stepped back a lot from social media over the past week and it felt great. I took pics of some recipes over the past month but never posted them. I'm still not sure if I will or not.

    • Isra Hashmi says:

      Today I didn’t look at my phone one time, and as I was walking past it, I kind of gave it a glance and kept walking. I most definitely missed my private life, and it’s good to keep some things to yourself..even a recipe or two. All the best with your journey Darcy, and I’m still here..just not out there. ;)

  11. I’ve truly enjoyed reading your thoughts and suggestions over the last year. I’m going to miss being able to “see” your new successes, but I’m incredibly glad you found something that makes your heart happy, because really combined with family, that’s what life is all about.

    I do wish now, though, I’d been a little bolder and “interrupted” in Chicago this summer so I could have said hello in person. I always figured there’d be a next time. Maybe one of these days I’ll get back to Boston and can get the chance.

    • Isra Hashmi says:

      Aww Liza, everything for a reason right? Our paths may still cross at some point! I very much missed my all private life, but will be happy to share where I’m at…when the time is right. ;) All the best with everything, thank you for your support. xoxo

  12. Love the Steve Jobs quote. You have to love work. it can be tricky but definitely possible.

  13. Good luck in all you do! You are an amazing person and I am blessed to know you! Keep in touch!

  14. I had no idea you were so popular, and to just give it up….I suck and I still can’t seem to kick the blogging habit.

    Good luck and enjoy your successes.

    • Isra Hashmi says:

      Thanks Christine, not giving up as much as giving in to my dream/goals. And you don’t suck! Don’t kick something that gives you joy. :)

  15. OMG my friend, you finally did it! It couldn’t have been more perfect timing. My astrology friends tell me there is something about this particular New Year/Super Moon that fuels and propels the intentions that are set. Wishing you the best xxx

  16. I’m so happy for you! That is huge, to not only decide what changes you want to make in your life—but to actually go forth and make your dreams come true! Best of luck, Isra! :D I’m very blessed to have connected with you and gotten to know you online!

    • Isra Hashmi says:

      Thank you Tazim. It has been amazing to see you grow as a blogger and social media maven! Good luck with everything, all the best. xoxo

  17. Congratulations, Isra! Enjoy the journey, and I’ll hope to get glimpses from time to time <3

    • Isra Hashmi says:

      Aww Maryanne, thank you. You know I can’t totally keep away, I’ll definitely let you know more than a glimpse. :) xo

  18. Your posts have been incredibly helpful and it was so nice to meet you at the Boston Bloggers Conference. Congratulations on your new endeavor, I’m sure it’s going be amazing.

  19. Good for you, lady! I have enjoyed reading your posts and I won’t lie, I will miss you very much. However, I wish you the best of luck & hope to still see you occasionally on social media (it will be special then!). Take care, friend.

    • Isra Hashmi says:

      Aww Stacy. I have to thank you as well for your support over the years. Maybe one day, once I have this school thing a little more settled I’ll be back to update. All the best friend. xx

  20. Awwwww!! I am going to miss your blog! Nevertheless all the very best and looking forward to your return soon!

  21. Hi Isra,

    Congrats on making the best choices for yourself. I just wanted to pop in to say I’m thinking about you. You were one of my favorite people to meet. I hope our paths cross again sometime soon.

    It is an honor to know you.

    Michelle Kay

    • Isra Hashmi says:

      Aww Michelle, hugs. So kind of you to stop by. It was fabulous getting to know you and meeting you also. I’m still here..just not here. :)

  22. Isra! We apparently just ‘missed’ one another… I was thinking of you a few weeks ago actually. I saw a message from you in my inbox from a few months ago (when *I* was on hiatus) and thinking of you took me here — what a surprise! Sad to see you go, but beyond happy you’ve gone full circle and feel complete — ready for the next step.

    I know exactly where you are coming from… I spent blood, sweat, and tears to develop a brand and following for MamaNYC. I worked my tail off from 2010 and all throughout my pregnancy in 2012. Once my daughter was born in January, I slowly began to wither further and further away. My personal life was crumbling — shambles! total disaster — and I was swaying myself back and fourth b/w the blog, life at home, newborn baby, and social media (because the BLOG and the SOCIAL MEDIA aspects of this job both require their own category!!!

    I just stepped back into blogging in early January. I felt ready since mid-Fall (2013), but I didn’t have the ANXIOUS “I must blog NOW” feeling — until after the holiday season. We hit rock bottom financially — and moved to the Poconos (BEST decision of our lives!) It was a big part of who I was and I missed it. I enjoyed getting my life back on track and grateful that I had this type of ‘job’ where I could shut the doors and open again when I was prepared to do so. Now that I AM back, I’ve never been happier and more relaxed in the shoes of a blogger. I really NEEDED it.

    Hopefully, I will bump into you via. social media, but ’till then… hope all your wishes keep coming true! I will miss you! You were always the absolute sweetest chick and it was such a pleasure meeting you IRL, too.

    <3 kisses!

    • Isra Hashmi says:

      Nicole! How are you? I did try to get in contact with you a couple times and asked around, but noone knew what happened. I’m so happy to hear from you though, and happy that life has taken you exactly where you should be. Thank you for your kind words, it means a lot. “They never said life would be easy, they just said it would be worth it.” :)

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