Life After Debt is No Fairy Tale

get out of debt

It’s been a little over a year since we completely paid off all our debt. You can read the full story HERE or HERE. Not an easy thing I tell ya. Getting out of debt is a lot like losing weight.

When you first start a debt diet, there is excitement, hope… Continue reading

The Queen, A Runway, And BlogHer Conference #BlogHer13



Are you a blogger? Have you ever thought about blogging? Do you wonder what bloggers do, besides, well, blog?


  1. Read other blogs.
  2. Talk to other bloggers.
  3. Hang out in blog groups, some of which are so secret you’re not sure if it truly exists. There’s just the look that means we-both- know-you-are-in-that-group-which-will-not-be-named.

NPR Behind the Scenes. It Rocked. I Talked.


If you are just checking me out after hearing me on NPR yesterday, welcome! Or if you are a reader, it was hard to miss my heads up HERE, HERE oh and HERE.

I didn’t mean to be ridic about the whole thing, but I have… Continue reading

Top 10 Highlights from the Monsters University Premiere #MonstersUPremiere

monsters university premiere pics

Disclosure: Disney provided me an all expense paid trip in return for my coverage of the event and movie. All opinions are 100% mine alone.

The other night I attended the world premiere for the highly anticipated Monsters University. It was held on infamous Hollywood Blvd. at… Continue reading

I Spoke to Fashion Bloggers! (And 5 Things I Learned From Them)


I attended a local blogger conference in the city, aptly named, Blog Better Boston.  (Check out the awesome location at Boston Globe HQ!)
Back when I was a new-ish blogger, it was the first blogging conference I had ever attended. This time I was invited to speak. My… Continue reading

I Got a New Toyota!

image (3)

For one week. Hey, I wasn’t lying.


The last time I drove a new car was well over 7 years ago. That new car smell may well be the biggest mood lifter.


Toyota gave me a car to test drive for a week to see where my adventures… Continue reading

You Don’t Have to Be an A-List Blogger to Get Sponsored #SoFabCon #LuvSoFab


Do you blog? Do you want to blog? If you plan to blog as a will need to attend a blogging conference.
Write all you want. Chat all day. Click those pics and LOL yourself silly. If you want a successful blog, you… Continue reading

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Newtown, CT #26Acts

newtown tragedy
We all know the bad and the ugly of what happened last Friday in Newtown, CT.
This is the good.
We live in a second floor  traditional New England style home. From the outside it looks like a single family home, with a porch. Inside are three floors divided up into separate apartments. True New England… Continue reading

Bloggers Party at Royal Sonesta Hotel Boston and I Helped

royal sonesta hotel
I co-hosted a company holiday party.
I don’t own a company. And, technically, I don’t celebrate the holidays.
The irony of blogging is that we are seen in social media but in real life we are alone.
If you work from home in any capacity, you understand what I mean. Once you… Continue reading

The Launch of Windows 8 and a New Position!

windows champions

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

Me, I check my email. I turn on my phone and scroll quickly if anything catches my eye.

In early September I got an email that had me rubbing my eyes to see clearly…an invitation to join the Windows Ambassador program, better known as the… Continue reading