Get Out of Debt- Join The Debt Movement

get out of debt

Coupons were a must for us to get out of debt.

When you’re not paying for diapers, hand soap or all the other things that make a house a home, that frees up a lot of extra cash… Continue reading

Now You Can Make Money Pinning with Pinbooster

Welcome to Feedback Friday’s edition with Pinbooster. One thing’s for sure, if a popular social networking site pops up, someone will find a way to make money from it!
Good? Bad? Not sure, really, but if you’re already on the site, at least make some cash from it, right?
Pinterest is huge. And because of… Continue reading

Everything You Ought to Know About Klout

klout logo
How much is your influence worth?
If you are active in your social networks, in any form, you have Klout. And if you have Klout, you get perks! In this edition of Feedback Friday, I dive into the world and benefits of joining



Klout is a… Continue reading

Kellogg’s Family Rewards: Earn Rewards on Products You Buy

kelloggs reward program

Welcome to Feedback Friday! There feels like infinite number of ways to earn money and rewards online. Every week I pick one and check out how their program works. You can find all my past Feedback Friday posts on the sidebar or here!
Can you sign up with… Continue reading

Feedback Friday: Earn Gift Cards Shopping and Eating Offline


Happy Friday! Let’s make some extra cash, shall we?  Every Friday (although I’ve been going every other Friday lately), I post a company that rewards lovely consumers with gift cards, cash or fun products for your feedback or engagement with the company.


I just heard of plink and… Continue reading

Feedback Friday: Get Paid for Your Product Ideas

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You’re a genius. Prove it.
Welcome to Feedback Friday and boy is today’s right on the money, literally. Has this ever happened to you? You have this fabulous idea for a product and no clue where to go about getting it made.
Or, you know where to get… Continue reading

Get Paid to Visit Amusement Parks: Amusement Advantage

make money from home
Happy Friday all! I love Fridays, that’s why I picked it as the day to learn more about ways to earn a little extra cash, get free products, and work with fun brands. I do sign up with every company I feature, as I want to learn how the program works. But, I’m… Continue reading

Who Else Wants Extra Cash for Your Pocket and Your School?


If you said no. Why did you open the post?

Of course you said yes! We all want extra cash and to be able to help our kids’ school at the same time.

It’s good for you, good for them, good for the economy…hmm…maybe the government should check out… Continue reading

Feedback Friday: Become a Homeschooling Product Tester

Happy Friday! Every week I highlight a different company that rewards consumers with products, gift cards or, like today’s company, with full size products to test out. I’m really excited about sharing today’s company because it’s a great way to start the new school year! is the number one homeschooling community online. If you’ve ever been interested… Continue reading

Feedback Friday: Join MyPoints for Travel Miles

Hello! If it’s Feedback Friday time, congrats! You made it to the weekend! Every week I focus on one company that rewards fabulous consumers like yourselves with cash, gift cards, full products or miles? Yes, today’s company is different than any other I’ve written about in the past.
I have the travel bug… Continue reading