12 Questions to Ask Before Joining a CSA

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Carrots picked just hours earlier before bringing them into the city.


Farm fresh produce is a trend on the rise. With the start of Spring comes a lot of buzz about joining a CSA. But just because it’s popular doesn’t… Continue reading

Easy Bento! Cooking With Trader Joe’s Cookbook: Easy Lunch Boxes


For the love of  Bento and Easy Lunch Boxes!
For the past couple months you’ve probably noticed the book on my sidebar for Kelly Lester’s Cooking With Trader Joe’s: Easy Lunch Boxes.  It’s about time I talk about it!
There is no hiding my love for Bento, I’ve written about it before… Continue reading

Five McDonald’s Snacks I Give My Kids


I forgot to pack an after school snack today.


For the first time, two of the kids (the third  is still too young) are in separate schools, across town from each other, in a land far far away, almost. In addition to making… Continue reading

My Frugal Valentine’s Day Date Night With Bertolli Meal Soup


I just came in from New York around midnight last night. As you can tell I failed to post my weekly Menu Plan post yesterday. I wanted to do it, I thought of it, but alas it was not meant to be. My husband is not a big Valentine’s Day kind of guy (is… Continue reading

Guylian Chocolate Truffles, All Pleasure, No Guilt


There are few things that put me in a good mood faster than chocolate. I always keep a secret stash in my pantry whenever I need a quick pick-me-up. Flowers wilt, dinner is overpriced and perfume is too complicated. Chocolate is a girl’s best friend! Guylian chocolate sent me a sampler of their… Continue reading

Love with Food Gourmet Food Box Review

Food is an expression of love. Providing wholesome, delicious treats is a gift from the heart. Love with Food is a company that believes in the power of good food, not just for those that can afford it, but also for those that can’t. For $14 a month, you can get a sweet and savory gourmet box sampler… Continue reading

Menu Plan: The Eggs Have It

Like menu planning? No. Like knowing what we’re going to eat, having all ingredients on hand and not paying more than $10 for dinner..Love it! It’s not easy, but it is so worth it! Even if coupon clipping is not your thing (and it’s not always my thing either) a little bit of dinner planning can save you a lot… Continue reading

Menu Plan: Samosas, Pasta and Pinterest

I could write a whole blog dedicated to menu planning; the hows, whys and why nots! Forget coupons (gasp), put the deals aside and think about how much you eat out and what it’s doing to your pocketbook! I’ve been asked, interviewed and quoted on all the same matters and eating at home matters more!

If… Continue reading

Menu Plan- Rapid Recipes

Oh the joy of knowing what we’re going to eat everyday! Menu planning is so loaded with a lot of $$, less stress in the evening and home cooked food..what’s not to love? I like to make “menu plan themes,” makes it more interesting..for me! This week’s theme is ‘Rapid Recipes.’ I call the hours between… Continue reading

Menu Plan: Let Them Eat Brunch!

Since the kids are home this week, and with family visiting I’m finding breakfast and lunch to be more of a challenge. My goal is to fill them up well to get through half the day. Might be a little selfish on my part, but with three kids and some extra bodies I’ll possibly never leave the ktichen!… Continue reading