The One Ingredient That Makes All Food Better

Before we got married, my husband’s favorite thing to “cook” was a frozen pizza in the oven. His hardest decision was leaving it for 11 minutes or 13.

It’s not like I was Suzy homemaker either. I had a good grasp on Cream of Wheat and I could make an edible grilled cheese sandwich.

But, cooking… Continue reading

Menu Plan With Frugal Kid Friendly Recipes

I haven’t been menu planning the past couple of weeks..and I’m feeling it! The 4 p.m. stress of not knowing what to make, rushing to the grocery store for last minute items and not thinking through what the kids would actually eat, has made for not so fun dinner time! I wanted to find recipes I know… Continue reading

Menu Plan with Cook’n Recipe Organizer


Welcome to a little different Menu Plan post! I’m always posting about what we’re eating, and ingredients, and fast ways to menu plan…but what about the recipes themselves? Where do they go when you’re done with them? How many cookbooks… Continue reading

Menu Plan: Coffee-Gate Needs a Coffee Solution

Every Monday I post what I’m planning to make for dinner that week. I’m a big advocate for eating dinner at home, if for no other reason than to save money…a lot of it! It was the biggest change we made in our lifestyle when we started tackling our debt three years ago. This week’s menu plan post

How to Check the Sales, Cut Coupons and Meal Plan in an Hour


I don’t like menu planning. It’s not something I look forward to or enjoy. However, I know the difference it makes in my sanity and my pocketbook. Knowing what we’re going to eat makes at least one thing go easier for the week. And saving $40-$50 a week is not bad either. ;)

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Menu Plan Monday- Homemade Thanksgiving Dinner for $20


It’s time to menu plan for…Thanksgiving! It’s a day of over-eating indulgence but it doesn’t have to be over-spending. Rather than doing a menu plan for the whole week, I came up with a plan for the one dinner we’re all focused on.

Not only are all the Thanksgiving favorites still on sale, they are

Menu Plan – MOMables Kids Lunch Edition

Welcome to Menu Plan Monday! Did you know eating dinner at home just twice a week will save you OVER $2,000 a year…JUST two times a week! Imagine if you plan more than that! Every Monday I usually write all my recipes and dinners that I’m planning to eat every week. I’ve done ALL the work for you, just… Continue reading

Menu Plan Monday- Relish Slow Cooker Recipes

Welcome to Menu Plan Monday! Mondays are hard enough, but when you’re ready for dinner, it’s one less thing to worry about. No more frantic 5 p.m. stare down of the fridge. No more getting anxious when your family asks, “What’s for dinner?”  With dinner planned and purchased ahead in one shopping trip you can focus on other things, and… Continue reading

Menu Plan Monday Slow Cooker Chili 10-17

Welcome to Menu Plan  Monday! My *attempt* at getting you to plan your dinners ahead of time! It will save you money as you only buy what you will make for that week and save you waste. How many times did you buy some great produce only to let it go to waste because you had no idea… Continue reading

E-Mealz Menu Planning Service

SAVE TIME AND MONEY WITH E-MEALZ MEAL PLANSMenu Plan. These two words changed the course of yours truly from drab to fab…no joke! If you are new to my blog, look to the right and down, see where it says Menu Plan, yeah it’s kind of a big thing here at The Frugalette.

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