The Lazy Couponer’s Way to Save Thousands


Pick a Store, Any Store

Coupons save money, we know that. But, why do SO many people not use coupons? It takes, time, organization and let’s face it..doesn’t it give you a headache making a list for every store, getting match-ups and finally shopping!
Pick ONE store and give it your all! This is… Continue reading

Little Known Ways to Make Money Shopping


 Profit: $60. Yes. SIXTY DOLLARS.

My milk, eggs and other pantry essentials are paid off this month because of buying vitamins! Did I need 20 bottles of vitamins? No. Do I need an extra $60 to pay for groceries..YES! A resounding Y-E-S!… Continue reading

Now You Know How Many Papers I Buy!


That’s the answer. Not more, sometimes less. In the 4 years I’ve been couponing, I haven’t found a reason to buy more, even though our family went from 3 to 5 members in those 4 years.

The TLC Extreme Couponing show made you believe:

  1. You must dumpster dive to get coupons.
  2. Go door

Are You Maximizing Buy One Get One Deals?

If you are new to The Frugalette, this is my savings tab post. Since January 1, 2012, I’ve been keeping a running count of how much I’ve saved with coupons. This is not the number of coupons, but rather the total value. You can see my tracker on my sidebar and if you click it, it will take… Continue reading

Now You Can Have Organic Kushy Feet For $1

In case you didn’t notice, my tagline says “my fancy life.”

I’m a girlie girl, always have been, always will be.


You can take the girl out of fancy, but you can’t take fancy out of the girl! 



If you haven’t ventured out to Rite Aid yet, this should… Continue reading

Who Else Wants Coupons for Stuff They Actually Use?

In my Top 5 Coupon Myths, the #3 myth that I hear all the time, “There are no coupons for products I use.”  Let’s put that myth to rest…RIGHT NOW! I bought four boxes of eggs all using coupons, yes egg coupons!

There are coupons for produce, dairy, even toys and clothing! Keep your eyes… Continue reading

My Coupon Savings Tab: Old Navy Super Cash 2/6-2/23

Old Navy has a popular promotion that comes up every 2-3 months. For every $20, you earn a $10 off $20 in Super Cash(coupon) that can be used at a later time. I always take advantage of this deal when it comes around. I hit the clearance racks and when I go back to use my Super Cash… Continue reading

My Coupon Tab: Rebates Add Up 1/26-2/5

On Black Friday last year I bought three small kitchen appliances that came with a rebate for $10 each. I bought a deep fryer, griddle pan and waffle maker for $1.20 after rebate! Although rebate checks take time to come, they are so worth it and add up quickly. I’m going to try to do more rebates, just send… Continue reading

My Coupon Tab: The Cutest Coupon! 1/23-1/25

Isn’t that the cutest coupon EVER! In my *almost* 4 years of couponing I have never seen a coupon like this. I’ve seen produce coupons and money off fruit…but a coupon for ONE FREE is a first for me! Shaw’s grocery store, a chain of the Super-Valu stores had this coupon offer for its email subscribers this… Continue reading

My Coupon Tab: One Coupon Worth $13.99! 1/10-1/22

…and another worth $12.99! Yes, coupons in high amounts do exist. The coupon for $13.99 was from being a part of the Coffee Mate Brew Crew, which I previously wrote about.  So, while I didn’t do a quantity of shopping, I had some good coupons the past couple weeks.

My New Year’s… Continue reading