The iPhone Will Not Defeat Me:

I just got my first iPhone less than a month ago.
Yes, I’m aware it’s been around for, oh, five years, but it takes me awhile or FIVE years to warm up to a trend.
iPhone, iPhone, iPhone. It’s all I heard from my “smarty-phone” friends, you need to get an iPhone. Well, I got one and… Continue reading

Now This Is the Way to Celebrate an Anniversary!


Cruises trigger memories of  The Love Boat.
I’m a kid on a couch watching a bunch of awkward passengers setting sail, looking for romance and fun. I sit up a little straighter when Captain Stubing  shows up to greet the passengers boarding. He’s a tall man with a commanding presence.  He… Continue reading

Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler {Giveaway}


Organized, Clean Kitchen? Yes Please!

If it helps to keep my kitchen clean, I’m all for it..and helping the environment is quite the added bonus. The Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler solves two problems:

  • Keeps kitchen clean, gets recycles off the counter.
  • No walking all the way to wherever your recycling bin is every

Saturday Morning, Pajamas, TCBY Frozen Yogurt #TCBYGrocery #CBias


That’s 7:52 AM…on a Saturday no less!


I loved TCBY as a kid, so when I heard TCBY Grocery was near me, off I went. My family loves frozen yogurt…my 6 year-old son prefers it to ice cream. We usually buy it in an (overpriced) frozen yogurt shop, but knowing… Continue reading

Old School Summer, My Community, and Imperial Toys


Remember when we were kids and summer rolled around?

The lazy days of summer were all about hanging with the neighborhood kids, making water balloons, and being as ridiculously lazy and playful as we wanted.

In a word it was..AWESOME!

Really, really awesome..(yes I grew up in Los Angeles)… Continue reading

My Video Printing Coupons During Swim Lessons With #HPePrint

Life, made easier. That’s what the folks at HP are hoping to do with their new HP DJ3052A e-All-In-One Printer. As you’ll see in my video below, if you are always on the go, this printer is for you!


  1. Sit, turn on computer.
  2. Get interrupted by kids.
  3. Find pictures

YummyEarth Organic Candy {Giveaway}

I love my job..I mean, really? This shows up at my door and, yes, I know it’s meant for the kiddos, but really who can resist! Did you know YummyEarth Organic Candy is the #1 Organic Candy Company in the US?!

After taste testing the products they sent me (someone has to be the guinea pig!) it’s… Continue reading

Share a Coupon Make Some Money With Coupon Chief and Win a $100 Old Navy GC!

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Are they the ONLY coupon code site out there? NO!  Are they different? OH YES!



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NEW! Latest NIVEA Products Not Yet Released!

I know my DRUGSTORE DIVAS  are on the edge of their seat now! Have you seen the commercials for NIVEA’s latest and greatest?
I’m a huge NIVEA fan!

  • Hydrating
  • Luxurious
  • Light Fragrance
If you’ve been a reader for awhile you know my love of drugstore beauty, and