A Quick Way to Save Money Without Sunday Inserts

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I’m slowly breaking up with the Sunday Inserts.

No, I’m not giving up coupons! Coupons are the light at the end of the checkout lane. The thing is I’m not using very many of them anymore. Between online and in-store coupons, I find myself letting Sunday inserts expire and… Continue reading

Top 3 Tips for Saving at Daily Deal Sites



There are so many great ways to save money without clipping one coupon! Just because you don’t like clipping coupons, doesn’t mean you can’t save money too! For all the past posts in this series click the link in my sidebar or check them out here!


Daily deal sites…the… Continue reading

No Coupons? No Problem! Join These Three Reward Programs, Get FREE Gifts

Coupons are not the only way to get free or super cheap gear. If you want a low maintenance, guaranteed way to get some free swag (I’m lovin’ this word lately)..sign up for  loyalty reward programs. Even if you don’t use these products, you can still sign up and reap the rewards!

The following are my top… Continue reading

Let PriceBlink Check Prices For You!


Do you shop online? Me too! I keep a list of things I need to buy and once every couple weeks I go through the list of sites to check.  It starts with Amazon and goes on indefinitely. I check site after site trying to find the best price and many times get so tired I

Let’s Stockpile Pictures!

sears portrait studio 


Picture Perfect! 

Last week I wrote a post about stockpiling greeting cards. During holiday promotions greeting cards and photo deals are everywhere! Even if you *think* you have enough 8×10 photos floating around, get one more and keep it as a gift! Grandparents, aunts, uncles, there are so many people… Continue reading

How to Work Target’s Instant Substitute in 5 Steps

If you’ve ever shopped Target, you might have encountered one of their lovely “Instant Substitute” signs. An instant substitute is when a sale item is out of stock and in addition to offering a rain check, Target will also suggest a similar product you might be interested in buying.


How are substitutes picked?

    Five Tips to Avoid Grocery Store Overcharges

    I have a series at The Frugalette called What? No Coupons! There are so many ways to save money without clipping one coupon. Avoiding and fighting back on grocery store overcharges is a big one! New York City’s Department of Consumer Affairs reported grocery stores throughout the country overcharge consumers at least 1 Billion Dollars every year. The report… Continue reading

    What? No Coupons! How to Save on Meat

    It’s a Frugalette’s nightmare, buying something without a coupon *gasp*! As much as I hate to admit it, not everything comes with a coupon, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t find a great deal on it! What do you do in a situation where you need or really want a product and:

    1. You don’t have a

    What? No coupons! The Dirty Dozen:Produce You Should Buy #Organic

    Welcome to What? No Coupons! A fun series I write here at The Frugalette all about ways to save without using any coupons. Not that there’s anything wrong with coupons, I heart coupons after all! But sometimes you just can’t find one or it’s rare or you just need a break sometimes! Last week

    What? No Coupons! The Clean 15: Foods You Don’t Have to Buy Organic

    What? No Coupons! is a series I write here at The Frugalette all about ways to save without clipping one coupon. Let’s face it, even the most extreme couponer needs to stop clipping sometimes to give their hands a break. Also, there are a lot of products that just don’t come with a coupon, but that doesn’t mean… Continue reading